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Is An Authorized User Responsible for Charges on My Credit Card if I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? – Terri


is an authorized user responsible for charges on my credit card? I am filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy I have 2 credit cards with my daughters charges I want to include them everywhere I have checked says I am responsible but my lawyer said he’s not sure. Terri This is your chance to be a hero and help out this ... Read More »

Will My Past Poor Credit Hurt My New Husband? – Diane


I have a poor credit history with an IRS tax lien from 2002. I filed bankruptcy in 2005. I was married in 2011. Is my husband responsible for repayment of a federal tax lien reported to my credit in 2002? Will my poor credit rating affect my husband’s credit score? This is your chance to be a hero and help ... Read More »

What Can I Do to Get Out of Debt? – Jackie


I am married have 3 children I have a job that pays 16$ an hr and a Husband bringing in nothing I my rent is $950 car note $320 and lights $300 per month what can I do to get out of debt? Jackie This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your ... Read More »

Can the Bank Chase the Wife for the Husband’s Debts?


My husband lost his job. He has a car loan, personal loan and 2 credit cards. He is now trying to get a job so he can make the payments normally. If in worst scenario he doesn’t get another job instantly and misses payments, can the bank chase the wife for all outstanding debts? This is your chance to be ... Read More »

I Financed a Computer With Dell Computers. Can I Ask Them to Just Settle It For What I’ve Paid? – Andrea


In 2008, I financed $2,300 with Dell computers. I’ve been past due many times but am now current. At this point, I’ve paid them probably $5,000 !! Interest rate is 29.99%. Current balance is $2,100. Past due periods were maybe 60 days at a time. They’ve received $5,000 for $2,300 in product. I have another layoff looming this November. Can ... Read More »

I Would Like to Try and Settle My Wells Fargo Underwater Second Mortgage. – Tom


I bought a condo in 2006: Bought a month later by Wells Fargo. 196K 80/20 Loan 80: 156K Interest only 15yr then interest kicks in 20: 37K Interest only Balloon payment at the end of 15yr. The condo is maybe worth 105k There are 3 short sales ranging from 89K-115K some have been on the market foe well over a ... Read More »

My Bank of America Account Went to Creditors Interchange But They Can’t Find It. – Melissa


I had a credit card account with Bank of America, a couple of years ago my account was charged off and went to Creditors interchange and I have been making payments to them monthly. This month I received a notice from my bank that my payment had been returned stating that it the account had been closed. I called Creditors ... Read More »

CapQuest UK is Demanding Payment. – Ian


Cap quest recently purchased a debt from a creditor and are sending me threatening letters demanding payment Is this debt legally void or do i have to pay? Ian This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question in the comments section below. Read More »

I’m Addicted to Casinos. Will a Debt Consolidation Loan Help? – Laura


Credit Card Debt, over spending, Got addicted to the casino I have close to or more 40,000 dollars in credit card debt. Will a debt consolidation loan help me or make things worse? Laura This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question in the comments section ... Read More »

My Ex-Girlfriend Added Me to Her EP Fitness Account. They Want Me to Pay. – Patrick


My Ex girlfriend signed me onto her account at EP Fitness. I do not remember ever signing a contract that held me accountable to the membership because she was the one paying for the membership as a present to me. When we broke up she said she would use it for her dad or her aunt. Apparently she stop paying ... Read More »

Is Credit Advisors, Inc and Foundation the Same Company? – Rob


Finding a good legit payday loan consolidation company. Is credit advisors inc And foundation same company. Are they legit And good to use for my debt get out situation. Has anyone tried them And what were the results? This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question ... Read More »

Should I Sell My Business to Pay Off My Debt?


Situation * I took 5 story shop lost building rent back to others and myself took over 1st fl for restruantant and 5th fl for guest house total sale 21000rm monthly after expenses and staff salary profit 4000rm my mottage /loan to pay monthly 3000 I got debt to pay 70000rm so my idea is to sell my restruantant business ... Read More »

I Don’t Want to Throw My Money Away. What About SC Law Group?


I was sent by mail format about sc law group will help me to get better rate. I spoke with reggie an jane. Both were will to try to help. Well I qualified. An just wondering if all is legit. Don’t want to thro ny hard working money away Can u help me Sandy This is your chance to be ... Read More »

Can Capital One Get a Judgment Against Me?


Capital One has a judgement againest me, my only income is Social Security and I have no assests. I can not afford to pay debt what can be done to me? Can my checking acct account be frozen if the only deposit is from Social SEcurity? Kathy This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person ... Read More »

What Kind of Loan Do I Need to Pay Off Husband in Divorce? – Joann


Divorce and house paid off what loan do i need to pay half back to husband. Hi, I am getting a divorce but I will keep the house. The house is paid off but I will have to pay spouse half of value of house. What loan would be best to get. The house should stand good for loan also. ... Read More »

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