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I am disabiled am I judgement proof – Jeff


Hi I have worked every day of my life I am 48 every thing was going great till one day at work I fell 20 foot and messed up my low back I had been paying my credit cars on time and extra but when the accident happened I had surgery and I ended up in bad shape.I am totally ... Read More »

    Pilot With American Express Debt Needs Help and Debt Advice. – Tony


    Around February 2011, I started flight school, which to my surprise was much more expensive than I had ever imagined. Anyway, I needed to buy headsets, and a large number of other pilot supplies, which in total came out to around $3,000 and I put them all on my American Express card, I did have the money to pay them ... Read More »

      I’m Bipolar and Lost My Job. – Suzette


      I lost my job last year in September. I was admitted to a Pchyiatric Hospital. I am Bipolar and suffer fom Epilepsy. I am really trying to find work. owe monies to various Creditors including Standard Bank (five various accounts). Seeing that I am unable to make the payments they are demanding. I have offered to pay R120.00 every month ... Read More »

        Who Will Lend Me Money to Get Out of This Mess? – Linda


        i am working and made some bad choices , my house payments are killing me it on the market but some how i just got into this problem not enough money to make any kind of payment . tryed to get a loan frm my bank they said no dont make enough been lokking for partime job no luck there ... Read More »

          Desperate in Dubai Over Car Loan With Friend From Philippines


          My friend ask me to help him loan a car from our company. we are getting some discount if we purchase car from our company. I helped my friend because he is a good person and trusted as well. He is from India and I am from Philippines. in 2008, we took a car and got good discount. we ageed ... Read More »

            Where Can I Get Help for a Nurse Practitioner to Lower Student Loan Payments? – Daniel


            I have 103,000 dollars in student loans. I am a nurse practitioner. I do not yet have a retirement started and my monthly loan is 800.00 for the next 30 years via the federal debt consolidation. My son is 9, so I will be paying my loan plus his if I don’t get financially savy. Money is so tight that ... Read More »

              The FAFSA I Had to Complete for My Son to Get a Student Loan is on My Credit. – Kim


              When my son graduated from high school I had to complete the FSFA in order for him to get a student loan. We went into this knowing he was responsible for the loans and I would always help when I could. I never realized that his loans which are still not due are showing up on my credit file. From ... Read More »

                Where Do I Put My Judgment in Line For My Debt Snowball? – Bret


                In 2006 ,I went to work for a guy that wound up being a con artistTo make a long story short at the beginning of 2007,Ilooked up and found myself with $230 K in debt and no income.everything in 2007 went wrong and it wasnt until 2008 that I began reestablishing an income. I have since paid off all installment ... Read More »

                  I Have Salie Mae Loans That I Need to Stop From Defaulting. – Kristen


                  I have about 48,000 dollars in student loans from Sallie Mae. I tried a bit ago to lower my payments or get some sort of relief from them–to no avail. Of course I began missing payments, so it’s been a year and now they are attempting to default and garnish my wages (I just got the call about an hour ... Read More »

                    Credit Card Debt is an Understatement. – BEH


                    I have over 42k in credit card debt. And also have about 40k in debt to my 401K. I am a mess. I am a professional and make enough money to keep all of these bills paid, but just seem to continue going further in debt. I closed one card since they wanted to raise the rate on me, so ... Read More »

                      I’m a Navy Veteran and Need Your Advice to Become Debt Free. – Amanda


                      26 y/o female, Navy enlisted four year veteran. 5500 dollars in personal credit card and loan debt. 1100 dollars worth of bills every month (636 towards car, insurance etc. monthly bills towards debt are 464). 1600 dollars a month income approximately 9 months out of the year from GI Bill. Unemployed. No savings. I was with the US Navy as ... Read More »

                        Is Legal Helpers Debt Resolution My Promised Way Out of Debt? – BJ


                        I was referred by a “friend” to Legal Helpers Debt Resolution (LHDR). I had an employee who stole a large amount from me using my charge cards. A forensic accountant meet with her, obtained a hand written, signed confession from her. She made arrangements to make payments to me, which were not enough to cover the monthly amount, but prosecution ... Read More »

                          Discover Card Refused Settlement Offer and Now Garnishing My Wages. – Judith


                          I have a Discover card that is in default with a $11,500 balance. I’m a 63yo who is working part time and collecting partial S.S. as well. I only work 15 hours a week so my take home is less then $200 a week. I called Discover and made a cash offer to them to settle the debt same day ... Read More »

                            How Do I Get My Money Back From American Loans & Funding? – Phillip


                            I am one of the 23 victims of a fraud committed by American Loans and Funding. I want to know if you can help me to recover my loss, or recommend an attorney who can handle my case with no upfront fee. I filed a complaint with FBI, BBB, LA Attorney General and CA DRE. Here is my story. On ... Read More »

                              Nearly All of My Payments to Beneficial Go to My 29% Interest Rate. How Do I Get Out of Debt? – Trevor


                              We had some financial issues and had to get a loan fast, so we went to Beneficials loan services, got a $9000 loan. the interest is 29% and over the last three years we’ve payed it down to $8800. Doing the math we have paid $8900 in interest, and the company will not help us to lower our interest or ... Read More »

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