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I Left My High School Sweetheart and Now My Credit is Trashed. – Christine


I left my high school sweethart four years ago which put me in my own apartment. I had a great job at the time and got laid off about one year later.. I have about six credit cards which are all in collections after the past two years. I do work full time but i don’t make even half of ... Read More »

I Wasn’t Making a Lot Working in Minor League Baseball and Looking How to Get Out of Debt. – Jen


I went through a stretch when I moved to California originally for a job where the dog got sick, then the car broke then the dog got sick again and the California job was my first full time job so I had to put it on credit cards. Then as most people find it is EXPENSIVE to live in California ... Read More »

What Legal Action Can HSBC in Dubai Take Against My Partner in Malta? – Mo


I am a Sudanese citizen, born and brought up in Dubai and lived there all my life. I was a private banker working for a regional bank and my partner was a recruiter. After the financial crises we left Dubai in 2009 with my partner to return to her country in Europe (Malta). I managed to find a new work ... Read More »

We Live in South Africa and Need to Get Out of Debt. – Shirley


We are in about R600000 debt. We approached debt councellors and have noticed that the interest is still accruing on all accounts. We have 3 credit cards, 3 car loans (only 2 cars are with us. One was repo’d) we have a lot of medical bills and a couple of loans. In the last 7 years, my husband has been ... Read More »

Will My Granddaughter Be Eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness? – Anne Marie


When my grandaughter begins college in the fall it will become necessary for her to apply for a student loan to help with the tuition. When she graduates, will she be eligible for tuition forgiveness? She is going into a nursing program at Ramapo College in New Jersey. Thanks for any info that would help her. Anne Marie I’m currently ... Read More »

Should I Be Afraid of Eagle Debt Relief? – Karen

Unemployed because of a liquidation of the company I was working for and unemployment doesn’t pay enough to cover my bills. I was trying to research about Eagle Debt Relief and I am afraid of scams. I am trying to get out of debt. Karen I’m currently backed-up on answering questions so I’m posting some of the questions here for ... Read More »

When I Was in the Navy Someone Used My Name and Social Security Number to Buy a Bowflex. – Roberto


Someone used my name and I’m now getting informed about me owing for a bowflex that I never ordered and I didn’t even live at the State it was sent to. I have been in the Navy since 2003 to 2007 towards the end of my enlistment someone used my social and ordered a Bowflex under my name and credit ... Read More »

How Do I Deal With Sallie Mae When Bankruptcy is Not an Option? – Debbie


I have $125,000.00 in debt with Sallie Mae Servicing Center, I have been with them for years, but with their high interest rates and principles, I will never pay this off unless I win the lottery. I tried to get loan forgiveness they denied that saying my loan was before 1998. I did not get my teaching degree until 2005 ... Read More »

I Never Can Seem to Get Out of Debt or Afford to Buy Shoes. – Billy


I’m a 30 yr old man with an established career I have roughly 10,000 in dept that I can never get rid of, I’m thinking I need a house but I can not see how, almost all of my dept I got before I was 18 and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to find who to ... Read More »

My Daughter Has Chron’s Disease and I Don’t Have Insurance. – Pamela


I work for a company that has announced lay offs by 2012. I have credit card debt. One is 19,000. another is about 5,000. I am very worried about health insurance. I have a daugher that has had surgery with part of her large intestine taken out and they found crohns. seeing doctors regularly. I dont have savings. I am ... Read More »

My Business Account Was Levied by a Judgment From Six Years Ago. – Jennifer


Single mom who has been working very hard to correct and improve my credit since a divorce in 2001. I just opened a salon last year and can finally breath financially. I lived in NY until 2004 now I live in Florida. my business account was levied by a judgement in Watertown ny from 2005. I was nailed and mailed ... Read More »

What is the Best Way to Handle Payday Loans I Can’t Pay? – Scott


I have several payday loans that currently I can’t pay back on time. I have three that are current, within the last 2 months and 2 or 3 that are several years old. I have recently been contacted by 1 of the older payday loan companies for payment. What is the best way to handle these payday loans and get ... Read More »

My Ex-Wife Was Supposed to Pay Her 100K in Student Loans. I Can’t Find Her. – Patrick


Got married in college…wife and I consolidated student loans through the Devil (Sallie Mae). We got divorced…my name is the primary on the consolidation account. I am buried in excess of $100,000 in student loan debt that my ex-wife and I borrowed in college. When we got divorced she was required to pay her portion in accordance with the divorce ... Read More »

I Got a Loan With Capital One Auto Finance and I’m Stuck in It. – Sarah


Before kids i was young and irresponsible. I aquired a lot of debt and pd most of it off. but in 2006 I got a loan with capital one auto finance to buy a car and did not pay any attention i had no idea to what i was doing. Until yesterday I just left it at a bad decision. ... Read More »

I’m Living Paycheck to Paycheck After a Divorce and Can’t Make a Dent in My Student Loans or Credit Card Debt. – Tonya


I have just over $20,000 in student loans, $8000 car loan, $700 credit card, I’m working on paying off a charged off credit card of about $3500, and I have a hospital bill of around $1400. I currently make $23712/yr. I’m making minimum or Income Based payments on All of them and now my IBR for my student loan has ... Read More »

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