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I Just Spoke to Someone With Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and I Am Not Sure About This Plan. – Liz

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I am searching for the best solution for taking care of my credit card debt, which is around $16,000. I just spoke to someone with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and I am not sure about this plan. And I have been reading the posts on your website regarding debt settlements and now I don’t think this is the way to ... Read More »

How Do I Get Out of Our Mortgage in Florida? – Paul

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Bought our villa of plan in 2005 in Kissimmee paid $325000 got a mortgage for $244000. Then the economy took a nose dive the villa is probably worth about £165000 been as low as$135000. never missed a mortgage payment ,but I am now struggling to keep up the payments. What would be my way out of this mortgage as the ... Read More »

I Went With Freedom Debt Relief and Now I’m Getting Sued. – Danna

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i had a sick daughter with 3 children–she has been in and out of hospitals–she had insurance but not enough–i have been helping her with medicene plus my own medicene. i am taking care of children, feeding,clothing, school supplies and the only way i could make it was to use my 2 credit cards–30,000– i had to go to freedom ... Read More »

My Husband Left Me Yesterday. How Am I Going to Get By? – Wanda

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I live in Salem Va and my husband left me yesterday we were just married May 28 this year I fell down the stairs at my apartment where I live tore my acl and injured my back he use to give me 300 dollars a month for his rent and utilities when my short term exhausted three weeks ago I ... Read More »

We’ve Had Medical Problems a Premature Baby. Please Help Me. – Jesus

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To say that I have bad luck is an understatement. I got behind on all my bills after my wife was bed ridden for 2 months, due to premature labor. We live in a rual area so the care that she needed to keep my son alive was 2 hours east of our home town. This is where she stood ... Read More »

How Can I Get My Bank to Listen to Me When We’ve Both Lost Our Jobs? – Karen

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Husband lost job May 2009 and still hasn’t found work. I have had a part time for a year and lost it in October, found full time and now hours are cut back. Getting harder and harder to pay bills, don’t know what to do or where to turn. I don’t know what to tell creditors when they call, especially ... Read More »

Can a Collection Agency Send Information to a Credit Bureau Even if They Never Contact You? – Denise

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Excellent credit score….found out a charge off for $13.00 recently-then they closed credit card. I was never given a statement or mailed a collection notice or even called about owing a debt to the card company. I have not received a statement in 3 to 5 yrs because I normally dont charge anything. Was amazed when called they had all ... Read More »

Debt Collector Demands Bank Information – Ezi

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Creditor sent out debt to collectors in april. Just until now I can come up with payment. We agreed on the phone to a one-time payment but now they won’t send it in writing or accept certified checks. They are telling me that if I send a money order or a check they will take that amount as a partial ... Read More »

MyPaydayRelief.com Contacted Me. – Carmella

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I have 3 payday loans. wnting to get out from under them. need some advise MyPaydayRelief.com contacted me today. they want to help me get out of the payday circle is this a good idea? Carmella It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after debt. – Click to Tweet The Answer This reader question ... Read More »

How Do I Get Out From Under This Car and Get One I Can Afford? – Marko

I owe $19,000 on my car but according to KBB its only worth $12,000 on the low end for a trade in. The car has about 120K miles on it and im worried it might break down and cost a lot to fix. I’d like to downgrade to a Honda that costs about $20K and has low miles and is ... Read More »

My Bank on Guam Would Rather Sue Me Than Work With Debt Remedy Solutions. – Rebecca

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i enrolled with Debit Remedy Solutions and they were able to help me with one of the accounts. however the bank here on Guam decided they would rather go throught he courts and were able to get a judgment against me instead. I am now left with two accounts in the court system with judgments for payments that really are ... Read More »

I’m Divorced and My Student Loans are Very Delinquent. – Mary

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I was divorced,with three kids.the youngest was stiil an infant( 11months I did not recieve ANY money,from him to help support my children.I never had any extra money to do any thing.My student loans are very deliquent. I do not know what to do,I can not pay them am re-married,he is 100% disabled..Currently,i am dis abled.I fractured a vertbrae in ... Read More »

I Signed Up and Paid Capital Debt Relief and They Say They Can’t Help Me. – Bob

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I signd up with Capital Debt Relief back in April 2009 so that they could help me with my credit card debt. I have been paying tem $230/ month since. Yesterday I recieved a summons to appear in court December 6th. My credit card company is suing me. I called CDR and they told me they are no longer able ... Read More »

We Can’t Afford Our Car Payments and Save Money. – Amy

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My husband and I just got married in july. he also started his job in july where he is making roughly 70,000/yr right now and by next year he will be at 80,000/yr. we both just got new vehicles and we pay $850(roughly) for vehicles. We have about $3,000 of debt on our credit card and we want to purchase ... Read More »

I Paid My Debt to the Debt Collection Agency and Then They Closed. – Nick

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I paid a debt to a debt collection agency and a month later the closed shop without notice. My credit report still shows the debt and they can not be reached by phone or mail. I tried to settle it in civil court but the judge says that if they can not be contacted then there is nothing the court ... Read More »

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