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What Can I Do About My Student Loans? – M

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My student loan debts were accrued sometime in 1993 when I deferred. I had consolidated all my loans by then. Due to inability to find a job, I defaulted. In or about 2003, I was able to gather some certain about $70,000 which I wanted to use to pay off my debt. I think my student loans were around in ... Read More »

How Can I Go Back to School While Still In Debt? – James

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I had a rough child-hood and came out of a very poor home. I have already attending a University through the help of a friend and with a hefty private loan from Chase banking. Currently I am interested in returning to school since I’ve grown up a bit in the year I have been away but I still owe quite ... Read More »

Authorized User on a Credit Card – Chris

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My sister added me as an “authorized user” on her credit card. I used the credit card to purchase a used vehicle and have been paying the monthly payments on her card for the past year or so. Now she has filed bankruptcy. Her bankruptcy attorney told her that even though I am an “authorized user” on the card, I ... Read More »

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