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Should I Take Out a Loan from My 401k to Payoff Credit Cards? – Terry


Income 70K Debt $300,000 mortage 4.5% fixed Debt $4,000 Student loan 4.5% Debt $5,000 Student loan 6.5% Debt $5,000 Student loan 6.0% Debt $5,000 Credit Card 10.2% 401K $11,000 Should I take out a loan of $5,000 from 401K @ 4.25% to pay off credit card, stop paying in to 401k and focus on paying off student loan? I still ... Read More »

Next Generation Debt Settlement is Lying But How Do I Prove It?


I wrote several months back asking for advice on how to get our money back from Next Generation Debt Settlement. I have followed the steps you outlined, and sent them a certified letter, which was ignored. Then filed a complaint with the CA, & MN attorney generals. Also filed a complaint with the BBB, and a report with the RipOff ... Read More »

Drowned in Depths


Im into alot of Depths my salary is not enough to pay off the loan because of this loan I dont even have money to eat im completely fedup and at times I just feel like giving my life. Im sick and tired of the calls that I keep getting from the bank on daily basis. Please give me a ... Read More »

How Do I Fix My Credit Report to Get a Good Paying Job? – Cynthia


i was young and vulnerable from an abusive family ,where my father was abusing us and my mother and i decided to go look for a job after then i took a furniture account and then clothes account , and later realised i was pregnant and i was not paid maternity leave , i then struggled ,lost my job 2005 ... Read More »

Rude Pakistani Debt Collector Chasing Down UAE Debt. – Shams


I had an account opened in NBD by my ex employer with a salary of 2,100 AED and was given a credit card as well with a limit of 2500- 2700max ( I do not recall this as this in 2006) I was paying the minimum due amount of 100 AED , but soon my situation improved and I stared ... Read More »

Will My Husband Be Able to Check My Spending Habits on the Credit Report? – Rae


My husband and I are seperated (Not legally)and he is having to do a credit report due to some possible identity theft. Last night he made a comment to me saying that since he is running his credit report he will be able to look into my spending habits. Check on my credit card use. I don’t want this! Will ... Read More »

Credit Score Dropping, I Owe the IRS, and Need More Student Loans


I have been trying hard over the past years to get out debt. I currently owe the IRS , have student loans, and to make it worse I am back in graduate school accumilating more debt. I have also noticed that my credit score has been decreasing and want to know what to do to make this better. when you ... Read More »

My Husband Could Not Get a Job in Qatar Because of His Bankruptcy.


We filed for bankruptcy January 15th of this year, 2012. It was our only option as my husband is a Surveyor and laid off last fall. While we are happy and relieved not to have any bills, however my husband is still looking for work. Recently he was offered a job in Qatar and was not able to proceed in ... Read More »

I Didn’t Know My School Debt Had Been Sent to Collections. – Jordan


I was unaware my school debt had been sent to collections. I called after I paid it off to see if they would remove it. They told me that they would not and that it would have to wait the full 7 years. It is telling me date opened 06/2011 and I paid it off in full on 08/2011. I ... Read More »

Massive Credit Card Debt, Three Kids in College, and Getting Nowhere. – Mike


My wife and I are both employed and make decent money $125,000 a year. We have three in college. We never get any financial aid because the formula does not take into account the massive credit card debt that we have $45,000, we also have our own student loans from making career changes. After we make a little more than ... Read More »

Can I File Bankruptcy in the U.S. if I’m Living in the Dominican Republic? – Doyle


I ran successful family building and development business for many years in Hawaii. Left company to others to manage as I transitioned to retirement in the Dominican Republic. We owned several parcels of raw land in various stages of development. In last few years, the properties dropped in value over 50% and the banks required us to liquidate all holdings. ... Read More »

The IRS Has Not Debited My Account Yet. Should I Worry? – Art


I’m almost debt free. Used to be in debt and owed back taxes. I am now almost debt free (thank to awesome people like you) and will be up to date with my taxes within 30 days. I filed my 2011 taxes Two weeks ago Saturday. My CPA said the IRS will debit my bank account on 3/20 for Federal ... Read More »

I’m Drowning in Interest Only Salle Mae Payments


I have three private loans with Sallie Mae the first one is 13.25% and the other two are at 10.25% I’ve been paying them since 2006. I was unable to consolidate in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011. I’m at a point were I can only afford interest only payments nothing towards principal because I can’t afford it with rent and ... Read More »

Freedom Debt Relief Sent My Account to Century Negotiations Inc. I’m Confused. – Adam


I recently contacted Freedom Debt Relief to try and get out of around 8000.00 in debt. I felt comfortable talking to them because they didn’t ask for any fees right away and seemed like they were better than a lot of the stories out there made them seem. I have been struggling with this debt for 7 years and it ... Read More »

Is The Real Estate Law Center Legit? – Bill


I owe more than they say the house is wirth so I have been trying to geta re finance to a lower rate since I pay 6-1/8 interest rate now interest only loan and will rollover to interest and principal payment next year. I was contacted by the real estate law center Pc and right now I am at the ... Read More »

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