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Should I Quit Paying Bank of America For My American Express? – Becky


“Dear Steve, I have a BOA American Express card that was originally about $500.00 – I’ve paid every month and for the past 4 years made no new purchases. Interest rate is 25.99% and with all the monthly late fees / interest rate my balance is almost $2k. I’m falling further into debt with this one card and it has ... Read More »

My Husband Died of Cancer and I’m Trying to Settle My Debt. – Dana


Dana “Dear Steve, My husband died 2 months ago from cancer, so loss of income from social security of $1400 a month. Had over $100,000 in CC debt due to business. Business now in Chapter 11, so it can’t be repaid. Credit card debt w/ Bank of America settled for 27%, Chase settled for 35%. AmEx says 70% lowest they ... Read More »

AMEX Won’t Accept My Settlement Offer. What Do I Do Now? – Michelle


Michelle “Dear Steve, I had been an AMEX customer for years who always met my monthly obligations. My husband lost his job 2 years ago and because of the economy, has not been able to find another. His income was the primary income for our family. He started his own company at the end of 2007 and it is doing ... Read More »

I Hate American Express.


“Dear Steve, Currently paying off about $75,000 in credit card debt taken on during the economic slowdown last year when my consulting business tanked; current income of about $150,000. Not sure that debt relief is a viable option for me without severe negative credit rating consequences, so I’m paying down debt on most cards with a “hardship” agreement worked out ... Read More »

American Express is Suing Me. – Vince


“Dear Steve, I have a $13,000 debt with AMEX that we have made monthly payments on until October 2009. As a result of being self employed and experiencing a poor 4th quarter in 2008 we have not been able to make the monthly payments on AMex as well as a several other credits cards equating to an additional $27,000. AMEX ... Read More »

Can I Bypass United Recovery System to Deal With American Express On My Own? – Miranda


“Dear Steve, Two cc’s- one for 8k (amex) 21k (BofA)- about 60 days past due. Saving cash (closed three 401k’s) for settlement on my own Amex has turned my account over to United Recovery Systems. They are rude, intentionally “stupid”, and can’t even make a decision without putting me on hold to “call Amex”. Can I bypass URS? I have ... Read More »

Why Does My Husband Have to File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Jill


Jill “Dear Steve, Husband has gotten soooo far into debt with his charge cards. Went to a bankruptcy lawyer and our only option is Chapter 13, for 5 years. I am not involved in it as I am not joint or nor do I own anything. We are not late on anything or behind on anything. He just owns too ... Read More »

I Was a Perfect American Express Customer and Now I Can’t Pay. – Isaac


Isaac “Dear Steve, I have been w/ American Express for over 8 years… PERFECT! until october… as many other thousands or millions… Can’t pay and owe them around 35K… been making little payments every now and then but my situation is getting worse and worse… what can happen to me? What would you do? Isaac” Don’t miss our free Get ... Read More »

Zwicker and Associates Sued Me Over an American Express Debt. – Dan


“Dear Steve, Sued and judgement obtained by Zwicker and Associates over an overdue American express account. They have placed a judgement on my residence and have scheduled a court appearance for me to do interrogatories on Feb. 1st 2010 (They originally had a date in November but I could not appear). If I do not appear on Feb 1st the ... Read More »

American Express Said My Judgment Was Satisfied By Mistake. – Frances


“Dear Steve, I got an American Express judgment against me in TN general sessions court in June 2008. Even though I was a victim of identity fraud (which I explained in court) the judge ruled against me and a judgment was rendered against me for over $25,000. The AM Express attorney filed the judgment in June 2008 and then filed ... Read More »

Can I Go Bankrupt in the U.S. Even Though I Live Outside the States Now? – Peter


“Dear Steve, Used to live in the USA, moved to UK for work with intention of moving back to USA after visa re-issued. Due to financial climate never moved back to USA. Have an American Express credit card with a very large outstanding balance. Transfering money to the USA every month to pay the minimum, obviously no longer using the ... Read More »

Is There Any Way to Settle Our Debts With AMEX and Beneficial? – Jennifer


“Dear Steve, We got ourselves into trouble with credit cards, espeically with our amex and a beneficial loan which are 18000.00 combined. Our other loans/credit cards are one for 2k, one for 1300.00 and one for 2400. the payments on the first two are killing us financially each month. Is there a way to negotiate with the creditors (mainly amex ... Read More »

American Express is Chasing Me in the UK. – Lee


“Dear Steve, About 8 years ago I moved to London and travelling back one day in a service station i was approachhed by a rep asking me if i was interested so ahead i went 2 weeks later a card appeared.over thenext few months the limit was maxed i was paying the payments then lost my job. I then moved ... Read More »

John McCain Has Bad Credit Card Rates


So there I was on and looking at the financial disclosure form for presidential candidate Senator John S. McCain, III, and right there on page 27, there it was. John and Cindy McCain have a joint credit card with Chase bank with a balance of between $10,000 to $15,000 and they are paying 25.99% on it. That hit me ... Read More »

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card Review. Impression – Misleading.


It’s time to review another credit card offer hitting the malboxes and this time I’m taking a look at the very festive Christmas/Holiday offer from American Express for their Premier Rewards Gold Card. Let’s start with the outside of the envelope. The inducement to open the offer is the card is NEW, you get $500 in gift cards to use ... Read More »

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