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My Home is Being Sold in My Bankruptcy. Do I Have to Move Now?

Contemplation and introspection are far better tools to deal with problem debt than knee-jerk bad solutions.

Question: Dear Steve, Hello,I filed a chapter 7 in NH a month back and the trustee is selling the house to settle the estate (no mortgage involved, house is owned outright). I have been informed from my lawyer that she will receive $120k from homestead protection after the sale. The trustee wants me to move out within 45 days or ... Read More »

Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Has Been a Nightmare. – Holly


“Dear Steve, My husband and I are in the middle of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that has been a disaster from the very beginning. We were told we could only file 13 because of an appraisal on our house, a piece of property we were left from an inheritance along with several other family members (that we don’t want but ... Read More »

My Bankruptcy Trustee Sucks. – Tim


“Dear Steve, I filed chapter 7 – no fresh start at all, The court trustee ruines you wores than creditors by far. They will not close your case after dischagre and the rape you for everything after your discharge and continue to for years on end, they take your inhaitance when it is the only thing you have left when ... Read More »

How Can the Trustee in My Bankruptcy Liquidate My Asset? – Rob

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The trustee in my bankruptcy case is trying to take an liquidate an asset that I am living on. How can the trustee in my case liquidate an asset that I am solely dependent upon for living? Basically he will put me on the street if I don’t have this income. Rob It’s time to put debt behind you and ... Read More »

Danny Wants to Know What the Bankruptcy Judge Will Ask Him When He Goes to Court

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“Dear Steve, I’m nervous about going to court for my bankruptcy hearing. What are questions that the bankruptcy judge will ask me when I go to bankruptcy court? Danny”   Dear Danny, I asked a bankruptcy lawyer friend your question and here is what she said. It usually surprizes people to find out that they may go through an entire ... Read More »

I’m Scared the Bankruptcy Trustee Won’t Let My Bankruptcy Go Through. – Lynn

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“Dear Steve, Steve, I am almost at the sixty day point in my bankruptcy. I am worried it won’t result in a discharge. I qualified for a chapter 7, but the trustee was harsh with me, I think because I got here because of poor choices. I am so sorry I messed up my life it hurts bad. I call ... Read More »

My Husband is a Schizophrenic and Unable to Keep a Job. – Lisa

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“Dear Steve, Thank you so much for offering this service! I have been looking all over the web for something like this. Our situation: my husband is on SSDI (he’s schizophrenic, stable on meds but unable to keep a job). I’m employed, but scheduled to be laid off on October 30th. I’ve been applying and interviewing everywhere I can, but ... Read More »

Bad Credit Debt Consolidation – Brutally Honest Advice

Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loan Scam

I could not help but notice the huge numbers of people searching for information for bad credit debt consolidation information. The phrase is almost an invitation for a bad outcome or maybe just an oxymoron. When you have bad credit it is not an invitation for a debt consolidation loan from a debt consolidation firm. People that lend money are ... Read More »

My Bankruptcy Case Has Been Filed and I’m Scared. – Traci

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“Dear Steve, My bankruptcy case has been filed and I will be going to the meeting the the trustees in a couple of weeks. I did alot of cash advances and alot of withdraws out of my account. I am afraid they will think I am being fraudulent and not discharge anything. I am very scared! What is going to ... Read More »

We Are Drowning in Debt And Can’t Take Another Collection Call. – Shannon

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“Dear Steve, We are drowning in debt. Our son needed braces, our house needed repairs, our credit cards and loans are out of control. We have recently refinanced our house. My husband is facing a layoff in the next couple months. We are having difficulty making the monthly minimum payments. Our debt including our mortgage is about $160,000.00. How do ... Read More »

I Got Screwed Over By the Bankruptcy Trustee and Lost My House. – Gina

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Gina “Dear Steve, Several years ago, I filed for bankruptcy in order to save my home. I began making Plan Payments as instructed by the Bankruptcy Trustee. It was not until six months later when the Mortgage company filed for relief of stay that I learned the Mortgage company had not received my payments. After paying an attorney (who forgot ... Read More »

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