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How Should My Boyfriend and I Handle Getting Out of Debt? – Marissa

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“Dear Steve, I have $64,000 in student loan debt and my boyfriend has $10,000+ in credit card debt. I make $18,000/year less taxes and he makes $40,000/year. We want to aggressively tackle our debt. I had been deferring my loans for years (or so I thought) but now I’m facing wage garnishment. We are in our 30s with no savings ... Read More »

My Boyfriend is Helping With the Bills But I’m Still Drowning in Debt. – Lindsay


“Dear Steve, – 30 Years old, unmarried, live with partner. – Sold car last year to pay off debts, but ended up having to use the extra cash for emergency expenses. – About $22,000 in unsecured credit card debt. Have been working on it about 10 years, but it has only grown. – Approximately $43,000 in student loans (Federal, not ... Read More »

My Parents Cut Me Off. They Didn’t Approve of My Boyfriend. – Chantel


“Dear Steve, About one year ago, my parents announced that they would be cutting me off because they did not approve of my boyfriend. I come from an upper middle class family, and up until this point I had my college, car, insurance, sorority, rent, clothes, etc. completely paid for, so I was devastated and had no idea what to ... Read More »

I Maxed Out My Boyfriend’s Cards And Didn’t Tell Him. – Deceitful Girlfriend


My boyfriend and I have have been living together for three years now, he has a mortgage for our home in his own name due to my crappy credit rating we mutually agreed this was the best choice and he has always had excellent credit. When we moved in together he had a visa card which he added me on ... Read More »

My Mother Opened Credit in My Name While I Was in a Coma


“Dear Steve, My credit was ruined in early 2004 when I was in a coma and my husband had decided to leave me, take the money and not pay the bills. I lose everything, home, car, credit and any insurance money he spent. So I had started over from nothing. I have now found out that my recently deceased mom, ... Read More »

Should My Boyfriend Face Up to His Debts and Sell His House? – Jan


“Dear Steve, Hi – I am 48; I have no debt; I own my home with less than $80,000 left on the mortgage and I pay 1-2 extra payments each year; no credit card dept -I pay ithem both off each month; no car payments; low income ($1500 pm) but I am working on a masters so I hope that ... Read More »

I Dated a Loser Who Took My Money And Left Me With Debt But Now I Want to Get Married to a Great Guy. – Aleah


Aleah “Dear Steve, I am currently in debt of an estimated $7-8,000. (this is including late fees and interest accrued) Its all about 5-6 years old. It is in collections and only one of the collectors still calls me and I don’t receive mail from that one anymore. I also have not received mail from the others in years. I ... Read More »

What Would Happen if I Got a Mortgage With My Bad Credit Boyfriend? – Shelly


“Dear Steve, I am thinking of getting a VA Loan. I would be buying the house with my boyfriend. I have great credit (780) but his is low, and has 2 foreclosures. I don’t feel I have enough income to only use mine. I’m tired of renting and have done it my whole life, I’m 35. Any advice you could ... Read More »

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