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Beware of Omni Home Solutions and Rampart MMW Says Former Client

Darrell Neilander, a former client of the foreclosure/tust company/mass joinder companies Omni Home Solutions and Rampart MMW sent in the following contributed information in an effort to help inform others of his experience with two companies that are claiming to help save his property from foreclosure and get his home free and clear. I’ve written about these companies, Omni Home ... Read More »

One Main Financial CitiFinancial Said They’d Give Me a Consolidation Loan. – David

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, i was thinking of taking a loan from a company that mailed me an approval… one main financial inc…they have a local office and say i am pre-selected for a $5,000 loan.. i imagine you have much experience with these types of questions…. would you take a loan with this company?… onemainfinancial.com/info ? sincerely, david” Dear David, I’m ... Read More »

CitiFinancial – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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Please share your experience with this debt collection company and provide your review and feedback, in the comments section below. The goal of this page is to allow people to share information that may be important to help others to make a more informed decision regarding their experience with this debt collection company. Here are some potential questions you might ... Read More »

GE Took Over My CITI Financial Loan But Mailed My Statements to the Wrong Address. – Steve

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“Dear Steve, I’m 55 years old and use to have great credit, until the economic breakdown. Now all my credit cards have raised my interest, and dropped my limits. I have never missed any payments since the early 80’s First of all I had a CITI Finacial loan, which I always paid on time. I started getting harrassing calls at ... Read More »

Citifinancial – DIY Credit Counseling Repayment Plan Terms

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The following information is designed to assist you to put together a self-directed debt repayment plan with the creditor listed. This information has been obtained from a number of sources and while believed accurate at the time it was posted, it may have changed. However, it is good information to use to get an understanding of the types of things ... Read More »

I’m Looking to Consolidate My Debt With Capital One and Citifinancial. – Gary

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I’m glad that I found your site! Anyway, my cc situation started some years ago when Capitol One,of which I have two accounts,changed my due date for my payment and I didn’t realize it until it was too late. They had already raised my rate and added their service charges. I called and tried to nego. with them ... Read More »

Citifinancial Cheerfully Lends Me Money But Now I’m So Far in Debt I Can’t Get Out. – Melanie

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Melanie “Dear Steve, Hello, I am a married woman with three children. We have been married for 20 years. For the last 19 years, I was responsible for bill paying and budgeting with our income and I never did a good job. For the last year, my husband and I have divided the bills (he pays some and I pay ... Read More »

Citigroup Settles FTC Charges Against the Associates Record-Setting $215 Million for Subprime Lending Victims

Ready to Collapse

September 19, 2002 In the largest consumer protection settlement in FTC history, Citigroup Inc. will pay $215 million to resolve Federal Trade Commission charges that Associates First Capital Corporation and Associates Corporation of North America (The Associates) engaged in systematic and widespread deceptive and abusive lending practices. Citigroup acquired The Associates in November 2000, and merged The Associates’ consumer finance ... Read More »

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