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We Are Considering a Debt management Plan to Get Back on Track. – Patricia

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“Dear Steve, We are totally upside down on our home in Southern California. We have been here 3 years, and have lost over 150K in value; we owe 570K on a house we could sell for about 430K. Ouch. We have about 35K in credit card debt and are barely making minimum payments. We are working on loan mods for ... Read More »

Deepu’s Wife is Unemployed And is Looking for a Debt Consolidation Loan

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Deepu “Dear Steve, I was referred to you by the ARAG group. My wife has $13000 in credit card debt. she is unemployed. We are in a rough spot but things should get better March 1st, 2009. Is there anything you can do to help consolidate our payments to lower them and help pay the cards off faster?and if so ... Read More »

Is Money Management International a Reputable CCCS Company? – Dawn

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Dawn “Dear Steve, My husband’s income has dropped by about 60%. We’re having a difficult time making ends meet. We have a forebearance plan right now with our mortgage lender. We have about $35,000 in credit card and medical bill debt. We’ve fallen behind on most of our cards by over 30 days and they have increased our interest rate ... Read More »

Will Money Management International Pay My Creditors? – Pat

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“Hi Steve, Read many of your comments and glad that you are here to help us. I owe about $45,000.00 in credit card debts. None are late but I would like to pay them off in 4 to 5 years instead of forever. I have contacted MMI and they have offer the DMP at $1037/ mo until 2014. I can ... Read More »

Free Get Out Of Debt Calculators Online

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Use these free online calculators to discover how to consolidate or pay down your debt in the shortest period of time so you can save the most amount of money. The interactive calculations, dynamic graphs and fully customizable reports are just a few of the features that make our calculators stand out. Our exclusive online calculators can help you get ... Read More »

My Sister and Mother Died and Now I Am Raising Additional Children. – Erika

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Erika “Dear Steve, I did debt relief before when I got divorced and my husband left me with all the bills and disappeared for 4 years. Now my situation is my Sister passed away and my Mom in the same year and out of 10 of us in the family, me being the youngest with one child, no one wanted ... Read More »

Is CCCS Right for Us or is There a Better Alternative? – Shawn

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Shawn “Dear Steve, I have about $100k of unsecured consumer credit card debt spread out amongst several (about 15) cards. My wife and I are both in very stable jobs, and combined we make about $110k a year (about $6000-$6500/mo take-home after tax, health insurance, etc). We “own” our house, in other words, we pay $2k a month mortgage on ... Read More »

Are Debt Management Programs For Real? – Kim

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“Dear Steve, I am in over my head and I really don’t have a clue if I can ever get out of debt. I have six credit cards, most of which i have closed. I currently am making minimum payments on my credit cards (6) and the loan I took out from Bank of America. Totally I owe 30,000 with ... Read More »

Can I Keep One Credit Card Open for Business in a Debt Management Plan? – Dave

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“Dear Steve, I am just barely above water, and the tide is coming in! 132,000 in mortgages (first & second). 53,300 in credit cards. Can you recommend a reputable debt management service? My goal is to pay down debt as quickly as possible w/out to much damage to credit. Also, I need to keep one card available for business- can ... Read More »

My Bank Does Not Accept Payment From a Debt Management Plan. What Do I Do? – Junior

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“Dear Steve, I’ve been in a dmp for the last year and 2 months. own a business. I am enrolled in a dmp plan but i have 2 credit cards from the same bank that do not accept payments. how do i go about this to resolve this? Junior”   Dear Junior, Basically, you can’t. Unlike bankruptcy, no creditor can ... Read More »

What Do You Think of the CCCS company Money Management International? – Carol

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“Dear Steve, What do think of Money Management International? Are they the same company as CCCS? I have about 60,000 in debt and I need help my husband hasnt had a paycheck since Nov I did my own modification on my house back in Jan. I have no equity in my house they just lowered the payment and gave me ... Read More »

I Am Currently Enrolled in CCCS And Having a Hard Time Making My Payments. – Kim

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Kim “Dear Steve, I work fulltime and owe $24000.00 in credit cards. I am currently enrolled in CCCS and I am having a hard time making my monthly payment. I have payed 671.00 for 2 months now, but the 3rd month is due and all I have in my bank account is 25.00. Medical finaces caused me to be -228.00 ... Read More »

My Dad Took Out Cash Advances on My Credit Card And Took All of My Savings. – Heather

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Heather “Dear Steve, I am a recent MBA grad who got into a lot of debt before and during school because I needed to help out my family. Due to my dad taking out cash advances on my credit cards and then my having to live off my credit cards during school because I had also given him all of ... Read More »

The Collection Agency Will Not Give Me an Estimate I Am Able to Do. – Sara

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Sara “Dear Steve, I have 1 credit card that has been in collections for a while now. I would like to pay it off but the collections agency will not give me a an estimate I am able to do. Is there any way of getting help in lowering the total amount I need to pay? Sara”   Dear Sara, ... Read More »

I Have Been with CareOne for 3 Months and I Am Having Difficulty Paying the $594 Monthly Payment. – Jim

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“Dear Steve, I have been with CareOne for 3 months and I am having difficulty paying the $594.00 monthly payment, behind one month on car. What can I do? Jim”   Dear Jim, For those that are not aware, CareOne is a credit counseling company. They probably put you on a debt management plan and organized your debt into one ... Read More »

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