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I’m Living on SSD. Is It True Banks Can’t Touch That? – Vincent


many times people hear bits and pieces of things and think that they are perennial experts and repeat things that they are not knowledgable about – here is a question that I “heard” from someone and cannot for th elife of me find any information about and the reason why I am asking is that Liz Pulliam Weston on MSN ... Read More »

Can the Creditors Force My Mother to Sell Her House? – Leigh Anne


My step-father recently died and my mother is living on disability and now only a small portion of his social security and retirement. He only has 41K left in retirement. The company he worked for went bankrupt. She has no other income. They have a house payment which she can still make. She can afford her utilities and groceries with ... Read More »

It’s Been 25 Years and I Want the Old Student Loans Discharged. – Jennie


“Dear Lewis, Husband filed bankruptcy in 1985, released in early 1986 with two bank student loans of 2500.00 each. judge signed the final decree. my husband was 100% disabled at the 25 years later ecmc is trying to collect 23,000.00 for those loans which they didn’t even possess until 2007.sued them the same judge who signed off then now ... Read More »

Should I Drain My 401(k) to Stay in My Home? – Cynthia


“Dear Andy, I am 62, on SS Disability, very recently separated, with a house that’s worth at least 250,000 and I owe 143,000. My 401K has about 115,000. I can’t survive on my SS. I can’t rely on my ex for anything. He has ruined what used to be my excellent credit so I can’t refinance. I’m on the 3rd ... Read More »

I Am Desperate and Can’t Afford Bankruptcy. – Janie


“Dear Steve, I have a work history of 30 years. I recently worked for a call center for 8 years. I am on disability for mental health after suffering a breakdown, due to domestic violence and stress from my job. I get 600 a month from disability, and food stamps. I raised 5 children on my own, after their father ... Read More »

How Can I Get My Husband Out of Debt Without His Cooperation? – Caren


“Dear Steve, Using credit cards for necessities. Have not used credit cards for 3 years but still paying them off. We have never been rich. Living in our current home we have managed to get our heating under some control but still over what we can afford. Now electric is out of control because of extreme over (30%) increases. We ... Read More »

I’m a Disabled New York Firefighter and Need to Protect My Payments. – Frank


“Dear Steve, I am a New York Firefighter retired on disability. I receive City and State disability benefits as well as SSI. This is my only sources of income and is non-taxable and judgement proof. Due to the recent real estate bubble, I am in a situation where I need to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Is there any situation ... Read More »

Should We Give the House Back to the Bank? – Cal


I live in PA and am a caregiver for my sibling that is on disability because of early stage alzheimer. She is 55. She has a home that has a double mortgage that totals all together $48,000. We are considering just letting the bank take her home but the question is will the bank take her 401K along with it? ... Read More »

How Do I Prove I’m Disabled to Get My Student Loans Wiped Out? – Christina


I went to school for nursing, i have been out of school for 12 years i have 25,000+ with intrest and fees because i had to fight for disability for over 4 years. I was awarded my disability after seeing a “goverment appointed” Dr. but my own Dr tell them that i should be working 8 hours a day while ... Read More »

Disabled With Credit Card & Payday Loans. What Can I Do? – Frank


I became disabled and had to go on retirement/disability, I was able to make up to 80% of what I was making. I took some part time jobs and my wife was working as a nurse. In 2007 I had an Abdominal Aortic Aneurism plus the disease in my back (Arachnoiditis) became worse and I could not work at all ... Read More »

Back When I Was Good at Making God Behave I Was Making Good Money – Julie


“Dear Steve, Back when I was good at making God behave I was a pharmaceutical salesperson making over $90,000 a year. I had no credit card debt and purchased a home that I could easily afford. I also had $150,000 in my 401k and was and was starting to put money in a Roth IRA. I got married and had ... Read More »

Should We Convert Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7? – Timothy


“Dear Steve, My wife and I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy a little over a year ago. Our payment started out around 750.00 a month. The trustee would not go along with the plan, he wanted more money, so now we are up to over 900.00 a month. My wife became disabled in June of this year which dropped out income ... Read More »

I Live on Disability But Want to Settle $37K in Debt. – Angie


“Dear Steve, I am going thru a seperation. My only income is a ss. disability check in the amount of 788 per month. I have 37000.00 in unsecured debt. Can you help me? Can you help me find someone to settle my debts? Thank you. Angie” Don’t miss our free Get Out of Debt – “How To” Guide Series on ... Read More »

My Disabled Husband Wants to Take Money Out of Retirement to Pay Credit Cards. – Stacy


“Dear Steve, My husband is 53-1/2 years old and recently put on permanent disability because of numerous complications from diabetes. He also will be receiving a small pension from his former employer. We understand that he will not be penalized (10%) for touching his 401K since he is disabled, but will be taxed on whatever he draws. He has an ... Read More »

My Partner Just Filed for Bankruptcy to Discharge His Debt. – Norman


“Dear Steve, I read most of the questions posed to you by others and most apply to me. I have a 38K unsecured debt plus personal loans (one of which is my sister’s credit card10k). My partner just filed for bankruptcy to discharge his debt but keep our mortgages (to keep the home) and car (its in both our names). ... Read More »

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