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Getting Sued for a Spa Bill and Worried About Going to Jail. – Adam


“Dear Steve, I saw you giving advice and I need some guidance. About a year ago I lost my job as did my wife. I had purchased a Spa years back but fell behide in payments. When I told the Spa company it was impossible for me to pay since I had no work and my wife did not. He ... Read More »

I’m in a Debt Settlement Program But Just Received a Civil Summons. – Isadore


“Dear Jeremy, I am in a debt settlement program. With my budget i am only able to afford $500.00 a month. Over 35,000.00 in debt.They have spoken to all my creditors and have settled with some of them. The rest of them turned me into collection agency’s. I just received a civil summons from 1 of my creditors. What do ... Read More »

I’m Working With a Debt Settlement Company But My Creditors are Suing Me. – Jean


I am dealing with a debt settlement company for 13 months and I had 12 credit card debts and now the higher ones are coming and suing me. The settlement company says that I am on my own and I also have a joint consolidation Home Re-Equity loan with my cousin and I do not want to get her involved ... Read More »

Can a Default Judgement Be Awarded if I Am Not Served? – Michael


Due to an auto accident I was unable to remain current on my debts and was able to work with all creditors but Citibank. The quit accepting the small payments I was able to make and sold the debts to collection agencies. I recently received a call from an attorney for one of the debts and they stated a lawsuit ... Read More »

The Chase Legal Department Says They WIll Sue Me. – Jacqueline


“Dear Steve, I am in financial hardship and have always had perfect credit but had to stop the bleeding. Chase now threatning to take me to court. Due to financial hardship I stopped paying my Chase credit card and Us bank card, I attempted a settlement at 10% they said 85% then late 65% (Chase) they talked me into a ... Read More »

I Took Out a Loan I Can’t Pay to Consolidate a Loan. – David


“Dear Steve, I took out a loan to consoladate other loan that i had out . Right after i took out the loan which was for 3000 dollars i lost my job a wasn’t able to pay them back. I got so depressed and scared because this was the first time i have ever been in this kind of debt. ... Read More »

I Had a Western Michigan University Credit Card. I’m Now Getting Sued On It. – Martha


“Dear Steve, I am being sued by a debt collector/attorney’s office on an old WMU credit card account which was closed over 2 years ago. I’ve told them in writing that I have no income other than unemployment and no assets. My court date is scheduled end of January. This week I got a letter from them “subpeoning” me to ... Read More »

Capital One is Calling Me Every Day Even Though I Am Disabled. – Debra


Debra “Dear Steve, I haven’t wored in about 5 years due to a car accident, I’m not getting SS disability because they don’t believe I’m injured enough, I’m living with a relative, I have no assets or even a bank account. I am being sued by Capital One for a long ago credit card bill. I have already responded and ... Read More »

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