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HSBC Withdraws Settlement Offer. What Can We Do About It? – Scott

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“Dear Steve, My wife’s HSBC credit card balance was about $4,600.00. She received a letter in early February, 2010, saying that if she made a payment of $2721.00 (about 60%) they would write off the remaining $1900.00 (about 40%). The letter stated they needed the payment by February 17, 2010. My wife called HSBC and told them she would like ... Read More »

The Repo Man Took My Car for HSBC Bank. – Nesie

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Nesie “Dear Steve, My car was repossessed by HSBC Bank on Tuesday, March 17. I am four months past due which includes the month of March (monthly payment is 538.70). I cannot afford a payment of $538.70 because: share rent is $525.00, monthly gas/toll is $240.00, groceries $200, insurance $250, IRS payment plan $100. My net monthly income is approximately ... Read More »

I Have an Account With HSBC And They Don’t Want to Settle. – Arvin

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Arvin “Dear Steve, I opened an account with HSBC in 2004 for $1,600. I have been making my monthly payments even more than the minimum monthly payment required. However, due to my current financial hardship, I was not able to pay monthly. The interest rate is 23.80% and penalties kept adding to my account in the amount of $39.00. The ... Read More »

I Fired My Debt Management Company And Now I’m Going to Settle My Own Debt. Should I Hire a Lawyer? – Jannelle

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Jannelle “Dear Steve, I have dropped my debt management company and am trying to negotiate with Chase and HSBC. I’ve composed a letter to them offering 40% of the balance owed. Am I better off hiring a lawyer to send this letter, or should I send it on my own? Jannelle”   Dear Jannelle, That’s a really good question. The ... Read More »

New UK Debt Relief Trickery Now Labeled a Scam

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Basil and Amanda Rankie in the UK took matters into their own hands when it came to dealing with MBNA, Capital One, HSBC, and other credit card debts. Using contract law in the UK they were able to get the court to nullify their credit agreements and wipe off their debt. This isn’t a new trick. There has been a ... Read More »

HSBC is Suing Me But I Already Told Them I Can’t Afford Their Minimum Payment. – Wayne

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Wayne “Dear Steve, Over the past six months or so we have gotten behind on an HSBC account. With each letter we received from HSBC and now a debt collection company we have explained our financial situation and asked for a lower payment we canmake. Each letter (the first two were sent with delivery confirmation and the second two were ... Read More »

I Bought an HP Computer Using Their Credit Card But I’m Being Penalized – Karen

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Karen “Dear Steve, I bought an HP computer with their credit card deferring the payment for 6 months. Missing the first payment $65 they charged a $39 late fee. I made double the payment to cover both. Since then payments were $150, 2 @ $120, $200. The late fee is still showing as a separate entity with its own finance ... Read More »

Banks Agree to Wipe Out Up to 40 Percent of Credit Card Debt But Watch Out.

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Credit card lenders include Discover Financial Services LLC, Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Capital One Financial Corp., American Express Co. and HSBC Holdings have finally come together with the help of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Consumer Federation of America and the Financial Service Roundtable to start the process of creating a debt solution, ... Read More »

Europe puts tight controls on £4bn bank offer

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Europe puts tight controls on £4bn bank offer Times Online, UK - 37 minutes ago At the same time the Prime Minister pledged to take action against companies that force people out of their homes for trivial amounts of credit card debt . ... Read More »

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