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I Lost My Job, My Husband Died, and I’m Drowning in Debt


Question: Dear Steve, I am 60 years old, lost my job 1 1/2 yrs ago and subsequently started my own business. I was receiving 1/2 of my ex-husbands military pension, and paying down my debt and remodeling my home. Then the bottom fell out. My house was flooded by a faulty hot water heater and very extensive repairs needed to ... Read More »

Her Husband Died and the Lawyer Threatened to Take the House


“Dear Steve, Friends husband died from cancer and failed to show up at court hearing for collection suit on credit cards. After his death, collection agency(said they were an attorney) threatened to take her house if she didn’t pay off his debt. This debt was incurred before they got married and he carried into the marriage without telling her about ... Read More »

My Husband Passed Away and I’m a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. – Alicia


“Dear Damon, My husband passed away Febuary 16 of this year and was very sickly all of 2012 with leukemia and when he got sick lost his job 2 month after finding out he was sick. Money situation got bad he was able to get long term disability insurance it helped with some of the bills but it was not ... Read More »

My Husband Passed Away and Now I’m Trying to Make It On My Own. – Barb

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“Dear Steve, Since my husband passed away several weeks ago, I no longer have his income to count on for our bills. I’m already fighting foreclosure so it’s no surprise that I’m having a tough time trying to carry the load alone. I’m working on plans to grow my small business as well as some other sources of income but ... Read More »

My Husband Died Owing Medical Bills. Can They Take Our Tax Return? – Theresa

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“Dear Steve, My husband passed away in July. He didn’t have an estate or life insurance. He has 2 outstanding medical bills. Will they be able to take any of our tax return. The bills have not gone to collections yet. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theresa” Dear Theresa, Creditors can only look to his estate for collection of his debts. If you have ... Read More »

My Husband Died Recently. How Should I File My Taxes? – Theresa

“Dear Jim, My husband dies 2 months ago. He didn’t have life insurance. His pension stop & I work so I won’t get SS. We didn’t have taxes taken out of his pension or SS. We paid it when we filed. We have 2 daughters 1 14 & the other 18 and started college. How should I file my taxes? ... Read More »

We Have an IRS Payment Plan But My Husband Just Died. What Do I Do? – Maggie

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“Dear Steve, My husband recently passed away. I know I have to file taxes for him and I since we were married, but my question is do I still have to pay any taxes that we owed from previous years. He was making a payment once a month. Do I have to continue to do that? How do I find ... Read More »

My Husband Died. How Can I Get Creditors to Stop Calling Me?

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Hi ! MY NAME IS LILLIE, In the state of Tex. old bills 4 yrs. or more should be desolved. and a lot of those bills was here when my husband was living. My husband took care of the bills, In 2001 he got colon cancer & he died in 09. how can I get the creditiors to stop calling ... Read More »

My Husband Passed Away. Can I File My Taxes as Single Now? – June

“Dear Jim, my husband passed away we always filed jointly..can I file as being single this year? will I have to file his income tax…what is the best root to pursue? June” June: Thanks for your question. First of all, I am sorry for your loss. Your first question: Can I file jointly with my deceased husband for 2011 (i.e. ... Read More »

Husband Died. No 401K. No Life Insurance. Should I File Bankruptcy? – Patty

“Dear Lewis, i lost mt job in feb 09 did not find work until sept 09. though my husband worked we where not able to make ends meet. we have still been struggling to make ends meet even after i found a job. but in jan 2011 my husband died, no life insurance, no 401 k. now in may i ... Read More »

Can the Creditors Force My Mother to Sell Her House? – Leigh Anne

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My step-father recently died and my mother is living on disability and now only a small portion of his social security and retirement. He only has 41K left in retirement. The company he worked for went bankrupt. She has no other income. They have a house payment which she can still make. She can afford her utilities and groceries with ... Read More »

My Husband Died With Debt in His Name. Do I Have to Pay It? – Teresa

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“Dear Steve, Married 25 yrs. & my husband always paid the bills, he died on 25 Apr.2010. I live in Ca., no life ins., he was unemployed for over 1 yr. Our house is almost in foreclousure, & I’m trying to catch up on the payments right now, so that I’m not out looking for an extra lg. cardboard box ... Read More »

My Mother Was Recently Widowed and Lost Half Her Income. – Mo

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“Dear Steve, My Mother who is 68 yrs. old was recently widowed. Her and my step-Father were already on a limited income. She gets s/s beniftits of approx $800.00 per mth. Along with a small Retiremet check of $110.00 per mth. She will now loose the $900.00 of my Step-Fathers S/S income. Basically Half of her Montly income wiped out. ... Read More »

I Went Bankrupt Five Years Ago. I Don’t Think I Can Do That Again. – CurlyGirl

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CurlyGirl “Dear Steve, I’m current on all my credit card debts, but the $700 a month in minimum payments (on about $10K total in debt) is killing me. I was laid off from a good job 2 years ago and have been freelancing ever since, so my income is irregular, but still enough to live. I’m doing without the bare ... Read More »

Deceased Spouse Left $33,000 Worth of Credit Card Debt. What Can I Do? – Judy

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“Dear Steve, My husband passed away rhe end of 2008. I had been iill in 2007 and was not working. Other than the horrible fact he died, I did not know we were in financial trouble. Two days after he died, I opened mail I had never seen and found out he had been carrying close to $30,000 in credit ... Read More »

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