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Lifesaving Flights Can Come With Life-Changing Bills


Butte is an old mining town, tucked away in the southwest corner of Montana with a population of about 34,000. Locals enjoy many things you can’t find elsewhere — campgrounds a quick drive from downtown and gorgeous mountain ranges nearby. But in Butte, as in much of rural America, advanced medical care is absent. People in Butte who experience serious ... Read More »

Urgent Care Wants Nearly a Thousand Dollars for a Visit! – Diane


“Dear Steve, Our daughter has been having a chronic urinary track infection since the age of 3. Now at the age of 10 and dealing with the constant bed-wetting as well as the horrible smell that gets everyone (and not to mention her fragile tween self-esteem), I put my foot down at our normal pediatrician’s office. He agreed that it ... Read More »

How Do I Get My Wife Removed From Our Judgment?

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“Dear Steve, My wife and I were married in Kansas . The next year I became sick and went to the hospital the bill was way beyond our ability to pay. A judgement has been placed in both our names. She did not sign any document with the hospital that states that she was liable to pay the bill. I ... Read More »

We Don’t Make Enough Money to Repay Our Debt. What Do We Do? – Melody

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“Dear Steve, I started out with nothing graduating from a private christian home. However I have accrued a $3,000 or more student loan. The first college I tried going to was a big money racket but i didn’t know that, now I do. I have about a $1,500 credit card debt that is already in collections. I have about a ... Read More »

I Was Told to Just Throw the Hospital Bill in the Trash. – Paul

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“Dear Steve, i am from Charlotte NC my name is Paul i don’t have medical insurance because i cant afford payment i am just student my question is what happen if i don’t pay hospital bills ? what happen if i don’t pay doctor bills? what happen if i don’t pay my credit card death? here in NC lots of ... Read More »

What Should I Do About My Medical Bills Going Into Collection? – Natalie

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I have some past medical bills that are going into collections and one that is already in collections. I am 22 yrs old, a full time student, and i work only part time. I do not have the means to pay for these bills but do not want my credit to be ruined at such a young age. Please tell ... Read More »

Slammed With Child Support, Medical Bills and Other Debt. – Pet

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I am sure you have heard this all before, but life went a bit out of control after lung surgery being slammed down w/ medical bills etc., needless to say, I am in over my head w/ credit cards. Already have an second mortgage (equity) loan I can barely afford and to top all off a woman came after my ... Read More »

How do I even begin to pay unexpected medical bills? – Elliot

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I work in the construction industry as a contractor and in 2008/2009 my average annual income went from $60,000-$80,000 to $24,000-$32,000. During this tough adjustment I managed to hold onto my house and car but lost my health insurance in order to keep my kids insured, my retirement savings and racked up $90,000 in college loans putting two kids through ... Read More »

Medical Bills Led to Unemployment and Now Fighting About Money. – Cathie

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In 2007, I had a good job, as did my husband, and we were making about $80,000+ a year. Everything was good and we had credit cards that we paid off regularly, bought a car because mine blew up, basically we made all our mortgage, credit, car and other payments on time. Then, in 2008, I ended up with a ... Read More »

I Was the Passenger in a Car Accident and Hospital Sued Me for Bills. – Steven

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“Dear Steve, I’m disabled, and collect Social Security benefits. Two years ago, I was a passenger in a vehicle that was totaled when the driver lost control and slammed into a pole. I live in MA and the accident happened in MA, but the vehicle was registered and insured in CA. Because of a loophole in PIP law, the California ... Read More »

What Do We Do About a Dental Debt for My Full Time Student / Son

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Q: My son had is wisdom teeth removed a couple months back, he is 19 and full time college student. Well insurance did not cover what we thought it would and now there is a $1200 balance due. They are calling him stating they are going to send him to collections as he is an adult. I realize the easy ... Read More »

Lost Job, Reduced Income, Medical Bills and We’ve Depleted Our Savings. – Shelly

“Dear Damon, My husband lost his job about 2 years ago, which reduced our income. He has had some medical problems which we were trying to resolve before he got another job. We have about 45k in debt ( not including my student loans)and only about 10k in home equity. Gross salary of approximately 58k right now, hopefully he will ... Read More »

We Need to Plan Now for Medical Bills We Can’t Pay for a Bone Marrow Transplant. – Tena

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“Dear Steve, We are a middle class family ($75000 annual income) with some savings, 401k, health retirement account, health insurance, and a mortgage of $110,000. We own our old cars and don’t have anyother debt currently. However, our son, who is a toddler, has several birth defects due to a serious medical condition. We found out he will might need ... Read More »

We’ve Had Medical Problems a Premature Baby. Please Help Me. – Jesus

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To say that I have bad luck is an understatement. I got behind on all my bills after my wife was bed ridden for 2 months, due to premature labor. We live in a rual area so the care that she needed to keep my son alive was 2 hours east of our home town. This is where she stood ... Read More »

How Do I Get the Credit Card Company to Lower My Payment to What I Want? – Sally

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“Dear Steve, My husband almost died due to an abscess on his liver. Medical bills piled up. Then he lost his job. Then I lost my job due to budget cuts. Currently my husband is unemployed, and I am working, but for less than my last job. Credit cards were used for everyday items such as food. Had been paying ... Read More »

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