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Moms Know Best about Being Frugal

3D Press Release Crossword

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 27, 2015 A new survey from BeFrugal.com finds savvy spenders can celebrate mom this Mother’s Day while making her proud. According to the results, over eight in ten (81%) Americans say their mothers have shared financial wisdom with them, and 85% say their mom taught them to be frugal. FINANCIAL ADVICE FROM MOMEighty-one percent of Americans ... Read More »

My 78 Year Old Mother is Struggling Under Her Debt. – Dorothy


“Dear Steve, My mother is 78 year old and has accumulated a significant amount of credit card debt (14,000). This debt is spread across nine different credit cards with varying interest rates which she attempts to keep current paying minimum payments. She has used balance transfer options when possible to reduce interest rates. However, she has had some trouble at ... Read More »

I’m a Mother of Two, Working Part-Time and Separated. How Do I Get Out of Debt? – Melissa

“Dear Damon, I’m a mother of 2, working part-time and separated with my children’s father 2 years ago. During the separation the purchases that we made together, I was left to pay by myself. I managed to bring it down to $36k, but am left with no $ at the end. I do not recieve any $ from him, but ... Read More »

My Mother Was Told by a Lawyer to Stop Paying Her Bills. – Keith

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Keith “Dear Steve, This question is for my mother. She filed bankrupcy 20+ years ago, and since then has rebuilt her credit and all her bills are up to date and in good standing. The problem is that she is $17000 in debt and for her that’s like a million dollars. My mother was advised by a lawyer to not ... Read More »

My Mother Stole My Identity And Has Not Paid the $5,000 Now Due. I’m 20 and Pregnant. – Mirellys

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Mirellys “Dear Steve, I’m 20yrs old and about to have my first child, i’d really like to get my own place and be independent but it’s real hard because without my knowing my mother used my name and ss# to put utilities in the house and that’s been accumulating since i was about 15 now because of her i owe ... Read More »

My Parents Are in Bad Financial Shape. I’m Worried. – Angie

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Angie “Hi Steve. My parents are 60 years old and have raised 5 wonderful children. They have struggled with money for many years and still continue to struggle with it. My dad has come to me twice within a year to help out financially with lending him some money which I happily did. This last time though was a large ... Read More »

Recently Divorced Mother of Three Has Credit Card, Medical and School Debt. – Gail

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, Recently divorced mother of 3. I still have a great deal of credit card, medical and school debt. I am only working part time and would really like to begin making some type of payments to my creditors no matter how small until my emploument situation emproves. Should I contact each of my creditors and how do I ... Read More »

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