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We Are About to Lose Our Land Because of Nursing School. – Cami


We are about to lose our land through the va due to me going to nursing school we are unable to keep payments up. also, we are having trouble keeping our payments up on anything. recently my son had a wreck in my car and due to my credit i am unable to get a car so i am borrowing ... Read More »

Senior in High School With Daughter Wants to Plan for College. – Brooke


“Dear Steve, I’m a senior in high school, planning ahead for my future college payments. So I’m not in debt yet, but with the expenses of college, I know I will be and want to make a budget plan. I am currently looking uo scholarships and grants, but that will not cover the full cost of course. I plan to ... Read More »

I Just Graduated From Nursing School. Should I Go With Superior Debt Relief? – Linda


“Dear Steve, I have just graduated from Nursing School after attending for 4 years full time, no work. My children and I were supported through Social Secuirty Survivor Benefits for my children after my husband was killed. During the time since I’ve been in school, we have lost my daughter’s social security (she turned 18). I have been receiving social ... Read More »

Should I Just File Bankruptcy and Quit Paying My Credit Card Debt? – Kim


Unemployed sales rep, back in school for RN. 25K in cc debt and trying to decide if I should file Ch 7. I will be in school for another 2.5 years. Should I file or just quit paying the 25K in cc debt. I have been told by friends to just stop paying them and change my phone number. Also, ... Read More »

I’m Behind on Debts and Want My Credit Card Companies to Reduce Interest Rates. – Bonnie


“Dear Steve, Self made from lots of work and real estate investment…now with a commercial investment gone to foreclosure I have lots of credit card debt but only minimum income and I have started college to get a degree and so I am with limited cash…with other property but no sales in the near future. Besides my heart and soul ... Read More »

I Am a Single Mother And Going Back to School for Nursing. – Tanya


Tanya “Dear Steve, Hello, I am a single mother with two children. I have decided to go back to school for nursing, but it is impossible to do so and have or get a job willing to work with the hours that the school requires. I am thinking of getting a loan that would cover my children and myself living ... Read More »

I’m Going to Take Out a Student Loan to Go to Nursing School – Sandra


“Dear Steve, I am considering taking on a federal Stafford loan in order to go to nursing school at a private school. Tuition is $25,000-30,000. I am single, in my 40′s work full time. Should I pay the loan off ASAP, before acquiring any further debt? I want to get a house soon and don’t know if this loan will ... Read More »

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