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Can I Be Sued for Encyclopedias I Bought 13 Years Ago? – Katie


“Dear Steve, In 1996 or 1998 i purchased some encyclopeida from a sales man and at the time he quoted every one in our little town a price which was under 500.00 and then he talked us into them and then i had had to pay a down payment of 75.00 and the rest was in installedment when the invoice ... Read More »

We Just Got Hit With a Judgment for a 12 Year Old Debt in Florida. – Bill


“Dear Michael, Assignee of credit card issuer got judgment against my son in 1998 and recorded it in July 1998. Nothing happened for over ten years. In 2010 they filed a motion to garnish his pay, which was the first he knew of the judgment. I believe they were required to renew the judgment after five or seven years, which ... Read More »

I Received a Letter From Debt Collections USA for a Really Old Debt. – Rolando


“Dear Damon, I received a letter from Debt Collections USA dated 2/23/11 that said they had been hired to peform a “billing service” (their quotation marks) for City Urgent Care for a total of $90. I am a resident of West Virginia and City Urgent Care is in West Virginia as well. I sent them a letter on 3/14/11 disputing ... Read More »

Debt Buyer Gets Caught With Data Pants Down and Law Firm Loses Big Bucks to Consumer


A recent $311,000 judgment against a North Dakota law firm makes it apparent why the debt buyers have to be very careful when relying on the data supplied by the previous owners. Back in the 1990s a Montana man had a Chase credit card with a $3,000 balance. He became disabled and unable to repay the debt. Chase charged the ... Read More »

Collectors in NY, NM, WI, MS Forced to Tell Consumer if Debt Can Be Collected


The New York Times is reporting that more consumers will now be informed if old debts can be collected through the court or if they have passed the statute of limitations. Bill collectors in New Mexico will be soon required to inform borrowers they can’t be taken to court for long-overdue debts, changing the landscape for consumers and creditors in ... Read More »

When Does The Clock Start Ticking on Time Barred Debts? – Jen


I have no statements from collecion agencies. First is Providian. charged off 2003. They sold accout to KnightsBridge (Ohio), settled with them in 2009, they are out of business. All I have is my banking history. Now Midland Financial is demanding money. I have sent a VOD letter, not heard anything back. Next one, 2002 charged off with Capitol One. ... Read More »

Bill Collectors Are Trying to Get Me to Pay for a Lease From 20 Years Ago. – Tom


Tom “Dear Steve, I was evicted from a home in New Jersey 1989 and this week I get a letter from a lawyer stating that he represents the owner and wants me to send him over $5000.00 to settle debt with interest. He also states that “”Failure to do so may leave us no choice but to move to litigation, ... Read More »

JD Enterprises is Chasing My Husband Over An Old AT&T Debt. – Jennifer


“Dear Steve, Jd enterprises contacted my husband at work about a debt from AT&T that is over 10 years old. They told him we owed $1300, but would accept $800 today. If we didnt settle today he couldnt’t gurantee anything else and we would be served to go to court and then would owe $2500 for legal services. My husband ... Read More »

Capital One is Charging My Interest for an Account They Charged Off. – Caren


“Dear Steve, Back in 2001 I had an account with Capital One. I disputed a charge and never paid and it resulted in them both closing and charging off the account in 2002. This was over 8 years ago. I have heard nothing on them, no collections letter, no judgements; nothing. Then out of the blue I receive a letter ... Read More »

How the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act Can Help You


Service personnel experience financial difficulties that are unique and need special attention. Fortunately, there are special laws to help them cope and this article discusses their rights and protections under the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act, 50 U.S.C. ยงยง 501 et seq. What is the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act? The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act (“the ... Read More »

Can Claim Be Dismissed Because of Expiration of Statute of Limitations? – Christopher


“Dear Steve, I received a Summons to appear in Civil Court. The Plaintiff is a collection agency, attempting to collect over $18,000. The Summons included a fax cover sheet from Chase Bank, with whom I had an account years ago. I live in Missouri, and the SOL for open accounts is 5 yrs. My credit report indicates that the account ... Read More »

Statute of Limitation – Will Debt Go On Forever? – Jennifer


“Dear Steve, I had my bank account bounce for a 263.00 credit. now I have over $900 and counting in bank fees. I am berried in debt and unemployed, I want to know how long a debt is valid (statues of limitations) but I don’t understand what is written for the “Oregon statutes of limitation” listed below, can you please ... Read More »

CACH, LLC is Suing Me for a Debt That is 11 Years Old. – Sharon


“Dear Steve, Old debt…MBNA…six companies want me to pay them (different collection agencies)…1998 CACH, LLC has court date for me Sept. 15th…I have a box of proof of what I tried to do…but I am scared to death of going into court… What do I do…for 11 years this has made grow older faster because of lack of sleep, stress…Help ... Read More »

My Sister Called in Tears Today Over an Old Debt. – Sally


“Dear Steve, My sister called me this afternoon in tears. She’s been divorced 10 years now from a man who didn’t pay taxes for three years and drove up the balances on several credit cards. He was ordered to pay the IRS and two credit cards. Her husband tried to start his own business and used credit cards to do ... Read More »

I Owe Money For a Criminal Case, Court Fees and Fines From 11 Years Ago. – Gary


Gary “Dear Steve, I had a criminal case with the fines and court costs of 233$ Over the last 11 yrs this debt was owed and I didnt know it…On the 11th yr a collection agency contacted me saying that I owe this money plus his interest and fee’s…I have anotice from the office of the SHERIFF SERVICE DEPT IN ... Read More »

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