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I Just Want to Run Away From This Financial Mess. – Denise


“Dear Steve, My husband and I lived in a nice house with our five kids. He made six figures until his business went under in 2007. We filed for bankruptcy in 2008 thinking we could save our house and car. We ended up losing the house anyway because our trustee payment was $900 and they increased our mortgage to help ... Read More »

Trying To Get My Life Together at 39. – Amy


I’ve been married 18 years, happily. We have three children — a boy who has high functioning autism and is a senior in high school who won’t qualify for regular college, and doesn’t want to go, but we cannot get grants and loans for him to continue his education at his local art school, though I am doing work for ... Read More »

We’ve Lost Three Parents and Had Eight Deaths in Three Years. – B4lee


“Dear Steve, Since 2007, we have had the time of “Job”. From 2007 to Present we have lost, most, just one month apart, 8 deaths, including 3 parents. In the process the stress caused medical and marital consequences to our family. Recession took hold and I became a displaced worker. Miraculously, my spouse, (out of the woods, yet not out ... Read More »

I Am Unemployed and Can’t Pay My Charge Card Bills. – Fran


“Dear Steve, I was laid off a year ago and apply to jobs/agencies daily to no avail. I am using up what little money I got from a slip and fall lawsuit that I had to accept a horrible offer on which is my small savings acct. and I am really scared – once it’s gone, I can’t afford my ... Read More »

My Roommate is Saying that CountryWide Debt Relief is a Scam. – Herman

“Dear Steve, I am having a rough time here with credit card debt being that I have been paying 30% in interest for the most part. I can’t get out of this debt and at 30% interest, the debt continues to grow. I found an ad in the Penny Saver for debt relief. I called and they have sent me ... Read More »

Money and Stress: How to Keep Your Money Worries From Killing You


A recent study at Ohio State University found that people with financial problems, in particular credit card debt, suffered from more emotional problems than those who didn’t have money-related stress. When you stop and think about it, it really is not surprising that cash, or the lack of it, so greatly affects our emotions. Money problems are not simply a ... Read More »

I Heard About a Government Program That Will Reduce Your Debt Without Hurting Your Credit. – Judy


“Dear Steve, My partner and I started a small business in 2000 and used our credit cards for the start up and for cash flow when business was slow. At the peak of our indebtedness, we owed $103, 000 dollars in credit card debt. Now, my partner owes roughly 28k, I owe about 26k. In 2007 we decided to shift ... Read More »

Emily Wants to Know “I’m Pregnant And Got My Hours Cut. What Do I Do?”


Emily wrote in to me at to ask for help. Here is what she said. “I’m having some money problems. I’m having to struggle on making a payment on time and cause I’m pregant my hours got cut back at McDonald’s. Just trying to pay people back and stay on top with my debt with rent. How can i ... Read More »

My Husband is Not Aware of our True Financial Situation. – Nancy


“Dear Steve, I’m unemployed since 9/4/08 and my work is in the IT field. I collect unemployment of about $1,160/mth. My husband is a Maintenance Mechanic and brings in about $27k a year, or $1,600 after taxes and deductions. I used to make upwards around $45k as a programmer before I got sick about 5 years ago. I’ve also had ... Read More »

I Left an Abusive Boyfriend 9 Months Ago and I’m Trying to Start Over. – Jen


Jen “Dear Steve, I’m on disability. I left an abusive boyfriend 9 months ago and I’m trying to start over again. I already have student loans I can’t pay back. Which I will have to deal with as I can. I ended up leaving school due to illness. I’m worried mostly about the credit cards I got in my name ... Read More »

MJ – “I’m Ill, I’ve Got Bills, And I Don’t Know What To Do”


MJ “Dear Steve, I’ve been able to work very little because of severe health issues. Sadly they are on going, with uncertain prognosis. Medical bills mounting as well. (about 5K). I’ve been living off of credit cards and can no longer keep up with payments. Approx 2k per mo. in credit card payments. I’m not late on anything yet. I’m ... Read More »

Robert Says “Please help. I never knew financial burdens can cause so much stress.”


“Dear Steve, I have a $190,000 mortgage @ $1614. mo w/escrow. I am $66,000 in credit card debt @ $1520. per mo. Married with 4 children and over my head in bills it’s hard to put food on the table. My income is $5400 mo. I have $34,000 of credit card debt and my wife who does not work outside ... Read More »

Improving the Quality of Your Life. What Works For Me.


Here is a great post from a fellow blogger Leo Babauta about breaking free from the shackles of artificial goals. Just like Leo, this is actually how I live my life. It’s nice to find a fellow traveler who has found a better path. Maybe this will ring true with you as well. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, ... Read More »

Crazy Things to Do When You Can’t Pay The Bills

Living through money troubles, collection calls, delinquent notices and the fear of not being able to pay bills is not only scary but it makes us do some really stupid things. I thought I’d give you a free copy of my book Eliminate Your Debt Like a Pro. It is in a PDF format so just click on that link ... Read More »

My Husband Doesn’t Seem Worried That He Lost His Job. I’m Freaking Out. – Tina


“Dear Steve, My husband just lost his job two days ago. I am stay at home mom and have stopped working since 2002. We only have $13000 savings and a $1000 monthly mortgage. I have already started submitting my resumes so I could get work too. My husband seems to be nonchalant about it and I am at edge over ... Read More »

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