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There is Life After Debt and It’s Awesome


I spend so much time thinking and living in the world of debt that I’ve realized it is equally important to talk about life after debt. When you are in debt it is an intense and immediate feeling. Some say they feel as if they are drowning. Some say they feel like they are covered by a dark cold veil. ... Read More »

Easy Suicide Would Be a Way Out of My Debt. – Amy

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I’m desperate, depressed and have been suicidal on a regular basis over debt and money issues. I am disabled and on SS, and my husband is working full time. We do not have a very high combined income, but too high to qualify for extra help (food stamps, etc). We’re renting in a shared situation that is precarious ... Read More »

My Brother is Mentally Ill and Has a Tremendous Amount of Student Loans. – Laura

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I have and estranged brother for 30 years. He became suicidal and started sending me emails. As a result we got him home and he was such a mess we immediately took him to a psychiatric facility where was admitted for several weeks. He came home to live with me and I realized he has psychosis. He is ... Read More »

I Am Desperate and Can’t Afford Bankruptcy. – Janie

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I have a work history of 30 years. I recently worked for a call center for 8 years. I am on disability for mental health after suffering a breakdown, due to domestic violence and stress from my job. I get 600 a month from disability, and food stamps. I raised 5 children on my own, after their father ... Read More »

Emotional Problems from Debt Ruining Life. – John

Ready to Collapse

Been a good provider for the home, but I ran up debt supposing to get an inheritence that would pay for it. I have been struggling with depression for three years and it is getting worse along with my finances. I have been hospitalized once for suicidal ideations. I am on medication. I have lost my faith, as well. I ... Read More »

I’m Feeling Totally Helpless at the Moment. – Marc


“Dear Steve, Self employed but all my clients went out of business in the recession. I have child support to pay college tuition and at moment have no income at all. I am in major debt, over 100,000 and can not find any job in my field at all. Very desperate no idea what to do don’t have money to ... Read More »

You Ain’t Your Fucking Debt

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On the way from a weekend visiting really good friends and having lots of laughs, yesterday I was talking with Pam in the car, in the rain, and on cruise control. I was just thinking back on how all the difficult moments of our nearly 28 year relationship have changed our course. There was the day our daughter stopped breathing ... Read More »

I’m a College Student and I Feel Suicidal Because of My Debt. – Calvin

Ready to Collapse

Calvin “Dear Steve, I am a college student with severe chronic depression. The illness has been so debilitating that I have gone from being a dean’s list student to entering the second term of my fifth year of undergraduate school. Unfortunately, this situation has forced me to take on $41,000 in student loans. I can’t afford health insurance and even ... Read More »

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