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Frederick Hanna Took My Husband to Court And Garnished His Check. – Anna


My husband is dealing with Frederick Hanna and he was taken to court and agreed to make monthly payments. He has not been able to makes these payments and now Hanna has garnished his check and he is not able to support his family. Is there anyway to challenge this garnishment by going back to court and is there is ... Read More »

Capital One is Suing Me and I Can’t Afford to Travel to Court. – Xaviera


I came into financial distress to a point that I was unemployed and had to move to my mothers home in another state to survive with my young child of 6 years old. I am still unemployed but hopeful that I will be joining the workforce soon. At this time I have no car, no home of my own, I ... Read More »

I Had a Judgment Against Me From American Express and Platinum Services. – Mary


“Dear Steve, After being unemployed for a year, I was hired as a CNA at a Long Term Care Facility. In 2003, I received a judgement against me from Platinum Services, ie, American Express. Due to an agressive illness,I had been paying an agreement through the company, but it was less than the minimun payment. I did not have the ... Read More »

Can They Garnish My Wages When I Work in PA But Live in NJ? – Greg


“Dear Steve, I have wage garnishment for alimony about a 1/4 of my disposable income. I live in New Jersey but work in Pa. I know there are limits that can be garnishment ;must my garnishment for alimony be accounted towards that limit. Can I be garnish for debts since I work in Pa and pa does not permitted wage ... Read More »

I’m An Aircraft Inspector and Hiding So My Wages Don’t Get Garnished. – James


“Dear Steve, I am a aircraft inspector that travels 70 % of the time with no health benefits and large E.R doctor bills amd 2 credit cards that havent been paid on in months untill i can get on my feet, i have 2 phones of which only 1 the lawyers and bill collectors dont have. I dont want to ... Read More »

My Wages Were Garnished By Surprise. – Simona


“Dear Steve, I have a hospital bill for my daughter which at the time my insurance was transitioning and when i contacted them they said my current insurance was effective and my new insurance hadnt kicked in. my insurance had already paid then requested a refund because a month or two later determined my eligibilty was inactive. therefore i gave ... Read More »

Top Companies That Garnish Wages, Seize Bank Accounts and Collect Property in MN


This is a table that was put together by the Star Tribune in Minnesota regarding the top 15 companies that took action to seize wages and property to collect on debts. The figures are from between 2005 to March, 2010. Company Total amount No. of cases Capital One Bank $48,614,115 12,748 Midland Funding LLC $20,952,345 5,288 Dakota Bluff Financial $24,234,993 ... Read More »

We Are Not Even Treading Water. Should We File Bankruptcy? – Rachel


“Dear Steve, My husband and I have approximately $7000 in student loans, with $3,900 of that amount in voluntary forbearance. We owe $5,000 on a car that is worth only about $3500. The payments on this car are $185/month. we also cannot afford the insurance on this car, which is about $80/month. I have a LOC with my bank on ... Read More »

FTC Hopes to Eradicate Broken Debt Collection Litigation and Arbitration

A report released by the Federal Trade Commission Monday featured the FTC’s complaints about debt collection in our country today. The report featured the conclusion that “consumers are not adequately protected in either debt collection litigation or arbitration.” The FTC put forth recommendations to both the federal and state governments on how to make the debt collecting system “both efficient ... Read More »

Most Debt Buyer Lawsuits Foiled By Inability To Prove Debt Owed

Debt Buyer Palintiffs Failed to Substantiate That a Debt is Owed

The Municipal Employees Legal Services of New York’s District Council 37 has seen an increasingly startling number of cases cross their desk over the past few years involving cases pertaining to debt buying lawsuits against consumers. Given that these sort of cases have doubled over the past 10 years, they took a special interest into the matter and conducted a ... Read More »

Ignoring Debt Until Police Show Up. Is Jail in Your Future?


When I first started working in the financial world of helping people with their debts I was told that doing nothing with the debts was an option, not a viable one, but an option nonetheless. A recent article from the StarTribune in Minneapolis, Minnesota showcased what happens to people in Hennepin County, Minnesota who take that very route, ignoring debt. ... Read More »

How to Make the Debt Collector Do What You Want


When you are in debt, sometimes you may feel that you are a “sitting duck” waiting for the debt collector to call. What you may not realize, however, is that there are laws which protect debtors from collection practices that you may find troublesome or harassing. The federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (hereafter referred to as “FDCPA”) and other ... Read More »

I’ve Had My Wages Garnished on a Judgment for Years and Have Years Left at 23% Interest. – Sandy


“Dear Steve, My wages were garnished for a 15 year old credit card taken to court in a county I never lived in and now I have paid on it for 5 years over $6,000 and they say I still owe almost $8,000 and the bill was only $5,000 with fees and interest. How can i stop them! They are ... Read More »

How Much Can My Wages Be Garnished? – Nancy


“Dear Steve, I have an old crdeit card debt that has recently sent me a notification that my wages are to be garnished. My question is if I make $900 in two week payperiod how much will they take out of my check? I have alot of other bills and I’m afraid they won’t leave me enought to pay those. ... Read More »

I’ve Heard if I’m Behind on My Credit Card Account I’m More Likely to Get a Pay Garnishment. – Kat


“Dear Steve, I have been following stories on debt lawsuits (unsecured credit card debt) and especially like this one NYT wrote here. One of the 200+ comments that followed mentioned something about since the new CitiBank president entered the picture, the objective is to sue all debt defaulters. How do you know when you’re a target for a debt lawsuit? ... Read More »

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