Clay Advisors – Same Debt Consolidation Loan Mailer, Different Name

A very kind reader sent in this mailer they received from Clay Advisors pitching a debt consolidation loan. When I looked at it, I remembered I’d posted another similar one. This is the advantage of people sending me their mailers. The previous mailer was sent by White Mountain Partners. Take a look at the White … Read more

Refunds Sent to Students Deceived by Student Advocates’ Debt Relief Scam

The Federal Trade Commission is sending 14,521 checks totaling more than $822,000 to borrowers who lost money to a student loan debt-relief scheme that operated under the name Student Advocates. Consumers who receive checks should cash them within 90 days, as indicated on the check. Recipients who have questions about their refund should call the … Read more

ITT Federal Student Loans Wiped Away. Private Loans, Not So Fast. DeVry to Pay Up.

I Cosigned for My Grandson Who is Now Behind on Payments

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Education (Department) announced that it will discharge all remaining federal student loans that borrowers received to attend ITT Technical Institute (ITT) from January 1, 2005, through its closure in September 2016. The decision, which follows Departmental findings based on extensive internal records, testimony from ITT managers and recruiters, and first-hand … Read more

Do This First When Getting Out of Debt or You Will Make a Million Dollar Mistake – Podcast

Debt Free Dudes Podcast with Damon Day

Good people dealing with money troubles and debt worries make this same mistake over and over. Unfortunately, it can cost millions of lost dollars in retirement savings. In this podcast, Steve Rhode from https://getoutofdebt.org and Damon Day from https://damonday.com talk about how to avoid this simple, crushing mistake that can ruin a future financial life. … Read more

Why Won’t My Education Solutions Refund Our Money?

Question: Dear Steve, Hello, my wife signed up with My Education Solutions to try to reduce her federal student loans but canceled the service after seeing this legal action against them in the news. She had requested a refund of fees but never received anything back. Do you have any updates on what’s happening with … Read more