1 Out of 3 Brits Will Face Poverty Over Energy Bills This Winter

1 Out of 3 Brits Will Face Poverty Over Energy Bills This Winter

When it comes to money issues, we all tend to think local or national, not global. Yet, while energy prices, especially fuel, have risen dramatically and are blamed on the current political administration, the cost of energy has exploded all around the globe. With winter approaching, people in the United Kingdom are bracing for record-high … Read more

Do This First When Getting Out of Debt or You Will Make a Million Dollar Mistake

Do This First When Getting Out of Debt or You Will Make a Million Dollar Mistake

Good people dealing with money troubles and debt worries make this same mistake over and over. Unfortunately, it can cost millions of lost dollars in retirement savings. In this podcast, Steve Rhode from https://getoutofdebt.org and Damon Day from https://damonday.com talk about how to avoid this simple, crushing mistake that can ruin a future financial life. … Read more

CFPB Warns that Digital Marketing Providers Must Comply with Federal Consumer Finance Protections

Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued an interpretive rule laying out when digital marketing providers for financial firms must comply with federal consumer financial protection law. Digital marketers that are involved in the identification or selection of prospective customers or the selection or placement of content to affect consumer behavior are typically service … Read more

Credit Repair Mega Player Lexington Law Rocked With TSR Issues

A recent court document in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) case against Lexington Law, John C. Heath, PGX Holdings, Progrexion Marketing, Progrexion Teleservices, eFolks, and CreditRepair.com has produced an interesting section on credit repair billing. The CFPB states, “Plaintiff Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (“Bureau”) alleges that Defendants John C. Heath, Attorney-at-Law, P.C., d/b/a … Read more

Hello Digit Was Supposed to Automatically Save People Money But They Lied

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is taking action against Hello Digit, LLC, a financial technology company that used a faulty algorithm that caused overdrafts and overdraft penalties for customers. Hello Digit was meant to save people money, but instead the company falsely guaranteed no overdrafts with its product, broke its promises to make amends … Read more

I Had an Account With CPC and Omni Management Partners But Getting Sued

I Had an Account With CPC and Omni Management Partners But Getting Sued

Question: Dear Steve, I used to have an account with CPC, and it was switched over in 2015 to Omni Management Partners. I just received a summons, and I called the Plaintiff on the summons, and they told me there was no information they could give me and that it had to be done through … Read more

Did You Get Scammed by Benefytt?

The Federal Trade Commission is taking action against healthcare company Benefytt Technologies, two subsidiaries, former CEO Gavin Southwell, and former vice president of sales Amy Brady, for lying to consumers about their sham health insurance plans and using deceptive lead generation websites to lure them in. According to the FTC complaint, Benefytt also illegally charged … Read more

Just the Facts: Consumer Bankruptcy Trends, 2005-2021

Dave Ramsey’s Hatred of Bankruptcy and Credit Cards Makes No Logical Sense

Background The bankruptcy process can provide a fresh financial start for consumers who cannot pay their debts, either because of insolvency or insufficient income to meet creditor demands. Personal bankruptcy generally works in one of two ways: liquidating assets to pay one’s debts under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code or establishing a repayment plan under Chapter 13 … Read more

A Peak Into 2022 Student Loan Data is Not Promising Given Pandemic Relief Tweaks

By Daniel Mangrum, Joelle Scally, and Crystal Wang Today, researchers from the Center for Microeconomic Data released the 2022 Student Loan Update, which contains statistics summarizing who holds student loans along with characteristics of these balances. To compute these statistics, we use the New York Fed Consumer Credit Panel (CCP), a nationally representative 5 percent … Read more