Will I Be in Trouble Over a Mobile Phone Account From 16 Years Ago in the UK?

“Dear Jon,

I left UK when study visa expired. I had a mobile account, which I did not pay off or notify vodafone that I am leaving. Also can I not remember if I closed my 2 bank accounts and if there is now bank charges pilling up in these accounts. This happened +-16years ago. I just want to make right what I left in the UK out of stupidity of young age.

I want to find out if I will be arrested upon entry in the UK again, if going for holiday to UK or EU or any countries customs borders, due to the debts not paid?



With the amount of time that has passed 16+ years, those accounts have probably been long written off.

You will not be stopped entering the EU or the UK just for owing past debts, which again, these accounts are in all probability long written off.



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