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Dear Steve,

My name is Rolanda and my situation is as follow. About three years ago I call Payday Support Center so that I could get out of my payday loan debt so that it wouldn’t hurt my credit score.

So, before I filled out any paper I call and ask my lenders do they deal with a third party to pay off my loan. They all said yes, so I filled out the paper and fax all the information back to Payday Support.

I made all of my payments on time and then after all of my payments where made, I was told that all of my loans where paid. Oh, but they were wrong.So, three years go by and now and my lenders are starting to calling me and asking were is my payment, I told them that they had to talk to Payday Support because they were representing me now.

I have only one question how do I get in contact with this company and find out what is going on. Are do I get an Attorney and just after this company.



Dear Rolanda,

Well it looks like Payday Support Center was on the wrong end of the Federal Trade Commission.

“In February 2015, the FTC filed a complaint alleging that Jared Irby, Richard Hughes, Coastal Acquisitions LLC, and PSC Administrative LLC, who typically did business as “Payday Support Center” or “Infinity Client Solutions,” falsely promised to resolve consumers’ payday loans through their hardship program. Once enrolled, consumers stopped making payments to their lenders, but the defendants failed to provide the promised debt relief, and consumers ended up in deeper financial trouble, having paid hundreds of dollars for no reduction or settlement of their loans according to the agency.

Under two stipulated final orders, the defendants are banned from all debt relief-related activities, and they are prohibited from making misrepresentations about financial and other products and services, and from making unsubstantiated claims about any products or services. The orders also bar the defendants from profiting from consumers’ personal information and failing to dispose of it properly.” – Source

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Based on the judgments that Irby and Hughes were able to pay, it was a fraction of the money owed. It looks like the people behind Payday Support Center might just be broke. It certainly appears Payday Support Center is out of business.

While you can certainly hire a local attorney who is licensed in your state, you might find it more productive to consider filing bankruptcy to terminate the payday loan liability. Bankruptcy is often the least expensive and fastest way to get a fresh start.

There is no gentle or kind way to let you know it looks like you were really screwed over by this company and the chances of you getting any of your money back is probably pretty close to zero.


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