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United Credit Consultants / Back in the News Again

Written by Steve Rhode

A reader sent me a link to a recent news story out of Minnesota about United Credit Consultants, now known as, who is raining suspicions again.

You can see the local television news story here.

According to the news report, the Minnesota credit repair company changed names to start over after United Credit Consultants ran into so much trouble. But under the new name the company is facing allegations of unpaid invoices and unhappy vendors.

“For three months this past spring and summer, Reeves printed new banners, magazines, and business cards for McGlynn, as United Credit Consultants became But by early August, Reeves says he was only paid a few hundred dollars and still owed thousands.

“Invoice-wise, probably over $6,000,” he said.

Reeves’ patience had run out when he pulled up to an empty building.

“Showing up to the Burnsville place and everything is gone,” he said. “There couldn’t be a bigger red flag.” – Source

So the lesson learned here is apparently if you are a credit repair company located in Minnesota and run into trouble, just change your name and keep going.

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