Helping America Group – Consumer Review – October 11, 2016

Company Name: Helping America Group

Describe the Service You Received:

I felt defrauded and miss lead by there services . I requested to cancel service and kept receiving a scripted answer. They forced me into bankruptcy.

List the Pros About Your Experience:

It seemed to good to be true and it was . I felt I covered all my bases and still was miss lead.My fear is now they have all my personal info including my ss number.

List the Cons About Your Experience:

They need to spell it out in simple terms not use language the normal person would not use.

How Would You Rate This Company with 10 Being Best: 0

Date You First Used This Company: June 21, 2015

State You Live in: Indiana

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Race/Ethnicity: Asian

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,100

Company Address: 321 Loans Helping America Group

Company Telephone Number: 888-983-6850

Website of Company: helpinamericagroup.com

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