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Dear Steve,

I applied for a $300 payday loan with check n go and was approved. I took the loan and received another email from check n go for instant approval installment loan of $4000.

I was not in the right state of mind at that time due to family problem and I took the loan. Now the loan is causing me financial hardship. I felt I am being solicited for a loan that I do not need. I have to take another pay day loan to cover this loan. I don’t think it is fair for me that they tempted me with an offer I cannot pay. What can I do about it?

I am willing to pay the principal with reasonable rates but not with a rate that will caused me hardship. Can I close my bank account now? Will they garnish my wages and is it legitimate that they email me the offer? If they did not email me I might not have sink into this hole.

They made it way too easy to borrow and that is what causing the problem. With just behind a computer it is not right to loan someone so much money without knowing exactly what the borrower situation is.

Responsible lending…. the lenders are just as guilty as the borrower….both side should take their responsibility. Why only the borrower need to be responsible? This is a debt trap that broke down US economy. They put honest working class people with some financial hardship into their slave and can’t thrive anymore due to the stress they created. Before long, people like me will lost hope, go on welfare and created a burden to the country. It is an issue that needs to be attend. Thank You.

Will they garnish my wages and is it legitimate that they email me the offer?



Dear Ivy,

Yes, I understand the outrage. And you are completely correct, lenders don’t have to consider the borrowers ability to repay. They just have to be willing to make the loan.

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Ultimately the only person who is evaluating your personal financial situation to determine if you can afford the loan, is you.

It sounds to me like they enticed you with a quick payday loan and reeled you in with the larger loan.

I’m just going to take a wild guess here but I would suspect the $4,000 loan is beyond your ability to repay. A big clue is the fact you are apparently rolling one loan into another to try and get by.

The first thing I would look at would be to confirm the lender of both loans is actually Check n Go. Check n Go is a licensed lender in the state I think your email came from. But you should contact your state banking department to confirm the lender is licensed. If not, then that might be grounds for pursuing that to terminate the loan.

Next, I would talk to the people at Check n Go and talk to them about a hardship repayment plan. Their information on the corporate site is not helpful or specifically clear. It talks about being able to “apply for additional financing to extend the amount of time you have to repay your loan” but you are already struggling to make the payment so I’m not sure how helpful that would be.

Next, if you can’t afford to pay the debt then it is what it is. When you default on the debt the lender can use all the legal options to collect. This will start with reminders, move into collection, and might wind up with you being sued over the debt. If you are sued and lose then they might try to go and garnish any wages you may be bringing home.

When faced with and impossible financial situation it is often the case that filing bankruptcy makes the most sense.

With bankruptcy, it is the least expensive way to get out of debt in the shortest period of time and with the most amount of legal protection from your creditors.

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So if you feel like you have no good options, I would strongly suggest you make an appointment with a couple of bankruptcy attorneys in your area and go discuss your situation with them.

Filing bankruptcy is not the end of the world, will terminate your debts, give you a fresh start, and get you quickly back to a situation where you can live within your income and build up your savings.

As you evaluate if bankruptcy is right for you, I think you should read this and this.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

Steve Rhode

2 thoughts on “Check n Go Let Me Borrow Too Much Easy Money – Ivy”

  1. Instead of whining about payday loan companies needing to engage in “responsible lending”, how about consumers having the brains and maturity to resist “easy money” emails and do some responsible borrowing? If you’re foolish enough to take on a mountain of payday loan debt because you have no willpower or financial sense, don’t blame the lenders and cry that it isn’t your fault so you can play the helpless victim.

  2. Hi. I would like to reply to Ivy’s post. Ivy, listen to Steve. My wife and I fell into the pay day loan circle and boy are we paying for it!! It got to the point where we were close to negative one thousand dollars in the bank because of relentless pay day loan fees and then the bank fees because of the pay day loans bouncing. We had to get an attorney to get the bank to block the pay day lenders. Long story short: we are in a five year chapter 13 because of pay day loans and our own stupidity. Do not take any more pay day loans and if you can’t pay back the ones you took get a lawyer now. Believe me, it’s the only way. Best of luck to you!


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