Freedom Debt Relief / National Debt Relief – Consumer Complaint – December 2, 2016

Consumer Statement:

I signed up with Freedom Debt Relief/National Debt Relief in hopes that I would be relieved of the three credit cards I had. I had to pay $400 a month which was a serious dent in my finances.

This went on for about seven to eight months and then they settled with Discover. I was ecstatic!!! I continued to let this company take the monthly draft until one day I decided to call Freedom Debt Relief/National Debt Relief and was told how little I had in my account…meanwhile they had been taking money out of my account for several months. When I asked for a detailed explanation, I was told about their fee. It was then that I was told that their fee is “$3,000” per settlement and mind you I had three outstanding accounts which basically meant I was going to be charged $9,000 to settle the three accounts. I owed $2,500 to Discover card to which they settled and the company’s $3,000 fee was more than what they settled for. Once I discovered this, I then ceased all communications and had the company return whatever money I had left in my account $800.

I do not see how a company like this can remain in business. I see people from Shark Tank boosting Freedom Debt Relief/National Debt Relief’s business but they do not know the truth about this shady company’s fees. Financial Debt Relief and Freedom Debt Relief are the same people!!! They are crooks that need to be shut down by the US Attorney General. As a matter of fact, this company is so bad they even had Class Action Lawsuits taken out on them!!!

Consumer Action Taken:

I got out of the program and now I have to sign bankrupt because of this. I have been under nothing but stress and now have breast cancer which I am sure is a contributing factor.

Date This Problem Happened: November 1, 2014

State You Live in: New York

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Race/Ethnicity: Other

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,000

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Company Name: Freedom Debt Relief/National Debt Relief (same company)

Company Address:

4940 S. Wendler Drive

Company Telephone Number: 877-846-6668

Website of Company: freedomdebtrelief.com

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