I’m a Trucker and Need a Loan to Get My Kenworth Back on the Road


Dear Steve,

Owner/Operator worked in Montana/ North Dakota in the oil fields. When everything got shut down last year it took all I could do to move back home to Nebraska.

Had to park my truck and worked on a farm for my cousin and hauled mail to Omaha, Lincoln and Denver part time but couldn’t pay my bills.

I only owe app. $1400 on my Kenworth. I have app. $50,000 into and none of the banks would loan me even as much as $5000 to get my truck back on the road. Meanwhile I had to take out several different loans as my Dad passed in October and I had to make several trips to South Dakota and help pay for expenses.

I got behind on my bills and at that point my credit cards got maxed out. The loans were hard core loans costing me a lot of interest but did get my truck back on the road.

My truck is gonna be needing new tires and just upkeep. Do you know somebody who can help me consolidate these loans and my credit cards probably around $15,000 so I can get back on track. All these different loans are gonna break me and i’m afraid will end up shutting my truck down! Can you Please help me Steve?


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Dear Kelly,

The easiest and most legitimate sources of unsecured loans has been through peer-to-peer lenders like LendingClub.com or Prosper.com. I happen to be one of the average people who helps to fund consolidation loans on LendingClub.com so if you go that route, let me know what your loan number is in the comments and I’ll make an effort to help fund it.

These companies do have high interest rates if you have less than stellar credit but they will lend to many more than your local bank seems to.

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Now keep in mind that just because someone will offer you a loan, only you can determine if you can afford it.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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