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BondRok Holdings – Consumer Complaint – December 19, 2016

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

David L Thurman was referred by 5th Avenue Capital of NY. David Thurman then called directly and claimed to have access to Billions of funds to help a company like CSI. It was agreed that CSI would apply for $300 Million as investment capital into CSI Domes.

David Thurman requested as a show of good faith that CSI would pay up front $60,000 US and described it as a fully safe refundable fee that only proves that CSI is financially viable but that the $60,000 would be refunded when the funding was completed or if CSI was rejected by his investment committee.

CSI Domes transferred $60,000US on July 9, 2016 to David Thurman’s account at Wells Fargo Bank – TroJenn Holdings – BRP c/o T.Holland & D.Thurman Account # XXX XXX 5696.

David Thurman confirmed that he received the money and thanked CSI for quickly providing All of his requested due diligence information and said that CSI funding was his top priority. CSI was supplied with an MOU with a completion of funding in 90 – 120 days, which would be Nov 16, 2016. The excuses started for delaying sending a funding contract and for funding and then David Thurman disappeared despite daily repeated calls, texts and emails to his various contact points – He has rejected all contact of any kind. David Thurman never gave proof that CSI was approved or denied to complete the transaction. David Thurman signed the Term Sheet as Bondrok Partners Managing Member/Principal. A Principal of Bondrok Partners, Patrick Humes, confirmed that he has never heard of the CSI agreement and that “David Thurman no longer is involved with any of my business ventures”.

I am in contact with another victim of David Thurman’s scam who also sent him $60,000 in July 2016. They have reported David Thurman to the Attorney General and found out that David Thurman’s address at 10940 Wilshire Boulevard in LA is a virtual office and David Thurman had not paid the small monthly fee of approx. $100 for the virtual office for over 6 months so they are no longer taking mail for him at that address.

Consumer Action Taken:

Reports have been filed with BBB of Los Angeles, Federal Trade Commission, & Rip Off Report. David Thurman did a rebuttal on the Rip Off Report and within an hour I refuted his so called facts.

Troy Holland is on the account where the money was sent by CSI and the other victim – total of $120,000 that needs to be refunded.

Date This Problem Happened: July 9, 2016

State You Live in: Canada

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $60,000

Company Name: BondRok Holdings

Company Address:

10940 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1600
Los Angeles, California 90024

Company Telephone Number: 310-880-1088

Website of Company:

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