Well That’s Interesting – Debt Collector Offers Credit Repair and Credit Counseling

Here is a recent press release from Riptide Recovery who is branching out from collecting money from consumers to offering credit counseling services.

It is an interesting position that they have special expertise because they are debt collectors who engage in litigation and judgments. – Source

It might just be a tough hurdle to persuade consumers to give information over to a debt collector. I’m sure some may be afraid how that information would be used.

Press Release

Los Angeles, CA, January 4, 2017 (Newswire.com) – ​​​​​​​At Riptide Recovery, we’ve long served our clients by providing debt collection services that ensure small companies that need to recover the money they’re owed are successful in their efforts to recoup their money. Now, we’re taking the next step by opening up our vault of knowledge and providing clients with counseling services to help rebuild or improve their credit scores.

Riptide Recovery has always taken pride in utilizing our extensive knowledge in order to ensure that small businesses get the help they need while collecting the money that they are owed by their clients. Whether ensuring that a recovery technique is legally sound in a certain state or applying our money recovery mastery in order to come up with a new collection strategy, our familiarity with the ins and outs of debt has given us an unparalleled grasp of the field of credit.

We’re ready to take the next step and afford our clients the full benefit of a deep comprehension of credit, and that’s why we are now offering complete credit counseling services to our clients. No matter what the situation or level of experience, Riptide Recovery is here to provide invaluable guidance and advice. With an extensive experience in the field of debt recovery, we’re uniquely situated to allow clients to benefit from a deep understanding of credit and credit recovery.

Unsure of the best move to take in order to ensure a credit score continues to rise? How do the three major credit bureaus compile their reports? Which loan would have the best effect on a credit report? Don’t worry about trying to dig up the answers to these and other credit-related questions. Instead, allow Riptide Recovery credit specialists to examine a credit report and provide the needed guidance.

A profound comprehension of credit gives us the ability to locate, identify, and solve credit problems that a layperson might not even notice. Well-trained specialists know how to locate potentially problematic pieces of information on a credit report, and our experience has taught us how to deal with nearly any situation that might arise. Now, the addition of credit consultation to our services catalog allows our clients to capitalize on our knowledge and experience.

Did you know that roughly twenty percent of Americans have at least one inaccurate piece of information on their credit report? It’s true! Roughly one in five people have at least one erroneous piece of information on the credit report compiled about them by Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax. When these errors occur, the credit bureaus don’t self-regulate. Instead, it is up to the consumer to remedy the situation.

Having to suffer the consequences of bad credit is unfortunate, but being made to struggle with these consequences when the information isn’t even accurate is untenable. But how to best proceed when a credit report has inaccurate information on it? In fact, how can someone tell that a report has inaccurate information on it in the first place?

With Riptide Recovery’s impeccable credit consultation services, we provide the answers to all these questions, as well as the answers to any additional credit-related questions that may arise. Not matter how daunting or complex a situation may be, the credit specialists at Riptide Recovery have the expertise to provide practical and useful advice.

Stop wondering about what to do to improve a credit score and find out for sure. At Riptide Recovery, we’re waiting to provide the opportunity to take advantage of expert credit consultation services. There are real, concrete steps one can take to begin improving credit immediately. Call us at (888) 508-7128 or email us at info@riptiderecovery.com to find out more. – Source


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