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Sarah From Card Services is a Bitch. But Then Again It’s an Illegal Robocall.

Written by Steve Rhode

I just received one of those “Hi this is Sarah from card services” calls on my cellphone where the automated messages asks you to wait to be connected with an operator so they can tell you about how they can reduce your credit card rates. My call came from 386-479-7686.

The message was very similar to the one Rachel used to call with. “Hi, this is Rachel from Card Services calling about your credit card account. It appears that you are now eligible for a significantly lower interest rate on your account. However, this offer is about to expire, so please press 1 now to be transferred to a live representative who can assist you in securing your lower interest rate.”

So I thought, hell yes I’d like to be connected with an operator. Let’s find out who this company is who is making these illegal calls. When I was connected with the operator I politely asked who the company was, and the dude instantly hung up on me. LOL.

This is just the same old illegal robocall that was nailed by the Federal Trade Commission. See this and this.

It’s a scam.

So if anyone gets one of these calls, please ask the operator what company they are with and post that information and the number they called from in the comments below. Let’s work together to catch Sarah.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • You can’t block them because they are using an app that generates random phone numbers in whatever area code they’re working. In many cases, these numbers are legit and show up as whatever the registered user is seen as by your call-monitoring system. And since it generates a new number for every call, there’s no way to block or filter them. The odds are you’ll never see that number again.

    Since these robo calls go our en masse, it seems odd that the phone company can’t detect and destroy.

  • Pressing 2 “to be removed from our list” hasn’t stopped or even slowed the almost daily Rachel/Heather/et al from CardMember Services robocalls. They hang up when you ask them for their office address or the actual company name. Virtually the same words in the recording have been used for a decade now. Multiple companies so the few FTC actions haven’t slowed the calls.

  • They are now calling with MASKED caller ID numbers to show as “Private Caller” !!! Have received multiple calls from them over the last month and they always come across as “private number” which is illegal, even for robo calls

  • contributing to this thread 818 624 6128 is another scam number Sarah called me- got transferred to a live operator – I made some angry rude comments and watched as it caught the scammer at the call center off- he then cursed at me and hung-up. I tried calling the number back but it looks like they spoof numbers and that the number that called me was NOT the number they dialed from.

  • All within the last month. It’s either Sarah from card services, or someone calling to tell me to renew my auto warranty. Just signed up for the do not call list. Only 30 more days til I can report these phone numbers. Maybe one of you can start the process.


  • I’ve gotten a call everyday for the past week (twice in one day two days in a row) from different numbers and it’s always “Heather with card services” – (205) 547-5671, (351) 888-0963, (973) 250-5544, (559) 425-8886, (302) 515-9134 … can I say ANNOYING?!?

  • Just received a call from 302-515-9134 from card member services. Press 1 to learn how to lower your rates. I only answered because it was a local area code and not a 800 number. Tried to call it back but received no answer. (Time of call 9:17 EST 1/9)

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