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I Can’t Afford My Student Loans for Recreation and Equine Studies



Dear Steve,

I graduated in May 2015 with a degree in Recreation and Equine Studies, Bachelor of Arts. I now have a lovely debt around 84,000 hanging over my shoulders. I am only 24 and this is overwhelming.

I am living with my parents because I tried living on my own and I could not do it. I cannot pay for anything other than my loans’ interest and that is on a income sensitive payment to.

Meanwhile for the next 10 years I am building up interest. To add to this, I want to move to Canada on a six month work Visa where I would live with my boyfriend, but I don’t want to drag my debt along with me because it would be very difficult to transfer payments over.

I understand that my debts ‘won’t follow me’ if I move to canada but if I come back to the states they will be there. It is my desire to file for bankruptcy but I am afraid nothing will be dismissed and my credit will just end up in ruins for nothing. I don’t want to live like this .

Can you please help refer me to the right bankruptcy advisors or lawyers for my specific situation? How can I prove undue hardship?



Dear RJ,

What is the job market for someone with a BA in Recreation and Equine Studies? Did you research openings and expect salaries before taking on this debt?

So there are a number of issues here. The most important is while your debt won’t follow you to Canada, it won’t go away either. When you move and then default your balance will rise significantly, you will be charged late fees, and you could be sued over the amount due.

You didn’t mention if these were federal or private student loans. Please let me know in the comments below. It makes a huge difference. Also, do your loans have a cosigner on them?

There are certainly some arguments that might be attempted in a consumer bankruptcy. The most likely is that these are private loans and we not for a protected purpose. You’d need to interview local bankruptcy attorneys and find one that is knowledgeable on dealing with student loans.

You might want to read How to Find a Great Bankruptcy Attorney.

Big Hug!
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