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Is The Student Loan Relief Program From Nassar Law True?



Dear Steve,

Wanted to clear student loan debt. I am currently serving in the military and saw this on student loan forgiveness. They offer $50 a month for 10 years and it clears your debt totally. I am hoping to buy a home this summer but can’t because of my student loan debt. This would be huge if it were true.



Dear Colton

Well if you were pitched a ten year forgiveness program it sounds a lot like the (PSLF) Program that is available for federal student loans. Unless you’ve been on a qualifying repayment program then you would be starting from scratch and working towards the next ten years to qualify.

Your loan program and your employment would have to qualify.

Enrollment in the PSLF program is free if you want to make sure you qualify. All the program details can be found starting at this page. If you want to pay someone else to look over your loans and employment, that’s up to you.

Read the PSLF program rules carefully, understand previous payments you made may not apply, and understand that your employment is the most critical factor in hopefully getting future forgiveness.

My big problem with the program is that it is an all or nothing approach. There is no partial forgiveness along the way. Total forgiveness is not available till 120 qualifying payments have been made. As of the time I’m publishing this answer, nobody has yet qualified for forgiveness since the program has not been in service for 10 years yet.

Big Hug!
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