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When I Lived in the UK I Generated Some Debt and I Want to Come Back to Visit

Written by Jon Emge

“Dear Jon,

Hello, I had a credit card in school in the Uk when I left I was still paying and somehow got derailed and had additional charges.

I got in contact with the bank and got a reduced fee which helped to clear my additional charges and put me back on track.

Recently I couldn’t access my account thinking it was a security feature using my card oversea but learnt i have been transferred to a debt recovery agency.

What do I do as my emails have gone unanswered and I intend to enter the UK in a few weeks will i be arrested? How do I go about rectifying my credit history?



Have you spoke to the original bank who you had the credit card with as to the status of the account??

That may be a good starting point.

Who told you the account had been transferred to a debt recovery agency? Is that agency in-house, a part of the bank that issued the card?

Entering the UK for just having a credit card unpaid alone will not be an issue, so no worries there.

If the collection agency is in the UK, you may wish trying to contact them while you are here, after you speak to the original lender as to the status of the account.

Let me know how you get on.



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