How Does a 1099-C Impact My New Tax Filing Status?


Dear Steve,

I received a 1099c. Debt not on my credit report any longer. No collection attempts for more than five years

How does this apply to my new filing status. Filing jointly but I had no income.



Dear Wanda,

The bigger question is if the 1099-C is in error or not. It sounds like it was for a debt you recognize though. If it was issued in error, see the error reporting process here.

The importance of a 1099-C depends on what kind of debt it was issued for. For example, some types of mortgage forgiveness, debts included in bankruptcy, and student loan cancellations are not taxable events. Additionally, if you were filing individually, the forgiven debt, if taxable, would only be taxable up to the amount of your assets. For example, “In 2016, Greg was released from his obligation to pay his personal credit card debt in the amount of $5,000. Greg received a 2016 Form 1099-C from his credit card lender showing the entire amount of discharged debt of $5,000 in box 2. None of the exceptions to the general rule that canceled debt is included in income apply. Greg uses the Insolvency Worksheet to determine that his total liabilities immediately before the cancellation were $15,000 and the FMV of his total assets immediately before the cancellation was $7,000. This means that immediately before the cancellation, Greg was insolvent to the extent of $8,000 ($15,000 total liabilities minus $7,000 FMV of his total assets). Because the amount by which Greg was insolvent immediately before the cancellation was more than the amount of his debt canceled, Greg can exclude the entire $5,000 canceled debt from income.

When completing his tax return, Greg checks the box on line 1b of Form 982 and enters $5,000 on line 2. Greg completes Part II to reduce his tax attributes as explained under Reduction of Tax Attributes, later. Greg doesn’t include any of the $5,000 canceled debt on line 21 of his Form 1040. None of the canceled debt is included in his income.”

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When it comes to how to deal with your specific 1099-C and your tax filing status, there is no replacement for consulting a tax professional in your area that you can meet with. Additionally, online services like TurboTax can offer a lot of support as well.


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