My Daughter Left the University But Was Charged a Housing Penalty and Can’t Get Her Transcripts


Dear Steve,

My daughter left a state university as directed from me, her father. She has relocated back home and is now enrolled in a community college. She left notice to the state university at the fall semester end. She attended spring semester at the community college. She had been waiting for her transcripts to be sent but never happened. She called the state university and they have a hold on her account due to a penalty for housing for leaving after being assigned for the spring semester. They were made aware of her leaving IMMEDIATELY after the end of the fall semester. Is there ANYTHING I can do? There is a $550 fee owed.


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Dear Kenny,

It depends on how much you value your time or tilting at windmills.

Frankly, the least expensive and more expedient way to handle this would be to request an accounting from the school, and if it looks correct, pay the bill and then have access to transcripts into the future.

If you don’t want to pay the fee assessed by the school then you should start by reading the student terms and conditions to make sure that the process claimed by the school is part of those terms the student agrees to. A search online found a variety of fees from schools for housing assignments. These range from $50 to $150. So some clarity on what the balance of the claimed amount is for would be helpful. Some schools do charge a housing assignment cancellation fee as well. For example, UMASS says, “Your residence hall assignment and contract is for the full academic year. Students are encouraged to not select an assignment unless they are certain they will live on campus. Students who select an assignment and later cancel that assignment will be subject to a minimum $100 Cancellation Fee.” – Source

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At this point, while I can sympathize with your frustration it appears more research is needed before it can be determined if the fee claimed is not valid.

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