Don’t Fall for the College Scam

Glenn Beaton of The Aspen Times wrote a wonderful piece on why not everyone should go to college and get in deep debt. It’s an article worth reading.

Glenn said, “Here’s my advice. If you want to work in a field that requires a college degree, then go to college. Go to the best one possible. Negotiate for a scholarship. Study hard there. Graduate in four years.

But if you’re not committed to a field that requires a college degree, then don’t go. Or at least take a year or two to decide. Build yourself a life, not a debt prison.

Separating yourself from the herd of sheep parading off to college doesn’t make you a person who is not good enough for college. Given how bad some colleges are, no such person exists. More likely, it makes you the opposite: a person for whom college is not good enough.

There are many such people. In addition to the friends I mentioned above, such notables as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Wolfgang Puck, Larry Ellison, Michael Dell and William Faulkner didn’t graduate from college.”

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