Why AVG Internet Security is a Smart Idea to Protect Your Finances

The antivirus and internet security folks at AVG recently approached me about their new Ultimate All-In-One Protection package. It was the typical pitch I get from many other companies. But as someone who uses AVG products, I was very interested in their paid post offer. I love to brag about something I already use and love.

Given the recent attacks of ransomware that lock up even the computers of big companies that should know better, some sort of good antivirus and protection package makes superior common sense for people like you and me.

I started years ago with the free AVG download for Mac or PC and I will admit over the years AVG has made getting the free protection a bit more layered. But you know what, that’s the product they sell and because of their excellent protection over the years, I now pay to use their protection to keep my PC safe from bad guys.

It’s a small price to pay to protect my online computers from issues like ransomware and other bad stuff on the internet. The time it would take and the value of data I would lose from a terribly infected or locked up computer would be a couple of thousands times more expensive than subscribing to their service. At the time I’m writing this it is $99 a year for the AVG Ultimate All-in-One Protection package that covers your computer, web & email, hacker attacks, private data, and payment information.

I agree it’s a shame that you have to worry about protecting yourself from bad actors online. In a perfect world you would not need to worry about computer hacks and infections killing your data security or your private information. Sadly, it’s not a perfect world is it?

If you want to take a look at their service and are interested in protecting your computer or Android device, you can use the AVG Products 20% OFF link for a discount off the retail price of their AVG Ultimate All-in-One Protection.

There are a lot of antivirus packages out there but AVG is one I’ve trusted for a long time.

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