I’m Making Rehabilitation Payments But Need to Appeal My Student Loan Wage Garnishment


Dear Steve,

I have student loans and have entered a rehabilitation program. The company that I have entered into the rehabilitation program with has all my student loans. I have confirmed this with myeddebt. I have not missed a payment, in fact I have been early.

Then all of the sudden my check was garnished, when I spoke with HR they gave me the paperwork. There is another company that is taking one of my student loans and using it to garnish my wages, so the company garnishing my wages has the same loan as one of the loans another company which I have entered the rehabilitation program under.

I have been making several attempts to contact the company who is garnishing my wages (in which I have gotten no letter or phone call regarding (and my number has not changed) I have left voicemail after voicemail, I want to get this taken care of. I do not want to have my wages garnished for a loan I am paying on consistently.

What can I do to help get this taken care of, not sure how I can get ahold of the company garnishing my wages?

I am not sure what to do next or where to turn.

Thank you in advance for any advice.



Dear Cindi,

Well something is clearly not right here.

You should immediately file a request for an Administrative Wage Garnishment Hearing. You should also make sure you print out any account listing that shows the other servicer is handling your rehabilitation payments. You should also check with the National Student Loan Data System and print out the status shown there as well.

And while you are gathering records, get copies of documentation showing you have been making your rehabilitation payments and contact the servicer of your loan who is handing your rehabilitation and see if they can help you intervene in this mess.

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Please update me on your progress in the comments below.


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