Drexel University Won’t Give Me My College Transcript. What Can I Do?


Dear Steve,

I attended Drexel University for two quarters and due to family financial problems I had to withdraw because I could no longer afford it. I owe $16,000 but they want me to pay it back all in full and until I do, they are holding onto to my transcript.

I only have one more semester to get my degree and wanted to know if there is anyway I can get my transcript to finish school and pay them back once I have my career based job. They sent the debt to a collections agency and I have tried to get a loan but I wasn’t qualified nor were my parents. I have asked other family members for help but I haven’t gotten it. Please help! Thank you


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Dear Sriah,

The school is holding the transcript as collateral for a debt you allegedly owe. You don’t seem to dispute that fact. They are using it as a collection tool.

If this is a debt you owe the school and not a student loan debt then you might want to consider filing for bankruptcy. This would eliminate the debt and the school would no longer be able to withhold your transcript.

If it was a “student loan” you could still file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan, and that would release the transcript during the course of your bankruptcy proceeding.

If the Drexel is unwilling to find a solution you can both mutually agree on then you might want to contact a bankruptcy attorney in Pennsylvania. I’m assuming you are still in PA.

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