I’m Trying to Get a Visa in Dubai But I Owe Money. – Mike

“Dear Steve,

I came here to Dubai from 5 years , like all the people i was working normally, i had loans ( hsbc, standard ) (personal loans ) and some credit , in January the work closed and i went out my country , i came back in last sep on a visit visa, and now i wanna renew my visa the right on the visa paper that i had a police case , i have only a 10 days till my current visa to finish , and i dont have this big amount of mony to pay all the banks so what shall i do ?


Dear Mike,

If I read your question correctly, there is already a police case against you for not paying debt. If that is correct then you have two logical options. The first is to leave the country, the second is to deal with the debt. Depending on the amount of the debt one of the easiest ways to deal with it is to go to jail for three weeks and leave with the debt cleared.

However, if you do have a case filed against you it seems wise that you should visit with a lawyer or immigration attorney to get some specific legal advice in Dubai.

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