321 Loans / Helping America Group – Consumer Complaint – August 15, 2017

Consumer Statement:

I have been a Client with 321 Loans/Helping America since September 2014. It was proclaimed that within a few months they(Helping America & their affiliates) could/would settle my depts if possible @ lesser amount with no adverse affect on my credit score. In the beginning of my loan a company rep would call & inform me of what was being done. Punctually 321 would deduct $211.92 per month up to 42 months. I should have been more persistent about them settling with my 2 accounts, when I got a credit report my 2 creditors were listed as in disagreement, I would have to call them to find out what was going on, different reps would claim it takes time & the creditor was not being cooperative, they had to resend the dispute letters. Approximately 18 months I see one of my Debts as a “Write Off” in which I’m asking questions as to why it allowed to go that far, that the purpose of the loan was to protect my credit. Whenever I called they would keep asking me to resend an up to date drivers license and utility bill, I complies @ first, then they would continue to tell me that it wasn’t a clear picture/ image. About 24 months in the program a customer rep would call me once a month. Several Times, I would tell them if they couldn’t settle I wanted a refund, then they would put me at bay, saying these legal matters take time. Now here I am, 3/4 done with the program & no settlement. I should have done my Homework. Be weary of Companies who call you on your phone, in which you made No attempts to contact them on finically matters. I Really want my Hard Earned money back! If I had to do this All over again, I would have settle with my Creditors First, because this Program Did not Do what they said Their Intent was.

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Consumer Action Taken:

As I noted Above Scammed Report/ Grivence
No Dept was Settle, even after 36 months, plus stilled Adversely afffected my Credit Report

Date This Problem Happened:

State You Live in: Alabama

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $8,052.96

Company Name: 321 Loans / Helping America Group

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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2 thoughts on “321 Loans / Helping America Group – Consumer Complaint – August 15, 2017”

  1. I have been with 321 since 2014 and had payment taken out every month.They had done nothing to help but take my money! Over $8, 000 dollars lost! I want my money! Credit is bad! Phone call after phone call from creditors! Tired, do not need this at my age (75) Charlene

    • I would like to implore you to talk to a local bankruptcy attorney ASAP. It will stop the collection efforts and give you a fresh start. It is very unlikely you will recover the majority of your money you paid in unless it was being held by a third party escrow company.


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