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Will My Delinquent Council Tax Prevent Me From Visiting the UK?

By on September 1, 2017


Dear Jon,

I was a student in the uk (I am French) and the city didn’t recognize I was one.

I owe a council tax that I was trying to cancel before I left as I was a student. I haven’t heard since and am not sure if this was cancelled or not after I left. I now have to travel to the uk for business and was wondering if I’d be denied entry?




While your situation may seem worrying to you, it is one that occurs regularly here; students in student housing, council tax, the exemptions, it gets confusing.

Owing council tax alone is not going to be a problem for you coming back to the UK. So no worries there.

When were you a student here in the UK? Have you had any contact with the council since you left?

You can contact the local council where you lived, and inquire as to if there is any tax owed. If so, you can explain the situation to them, again, and see what needs to be done to clear the matter.

Either way, coming back to the UK is not an issue.



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    Question answered.

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