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Will I Be Able to Get Back Into the UK on a Student Visa Even if I Didn’t Pay My Company Taxes?



Dear Jon,

I lived in the UK for about 3 years on a student visa from 2012 to 2014. During that time I worked and I later switched to a limited liability company for the last year. However, I did not file my tax because I left by May 31st. Thus, I have outstanding tax which I intended to pay once I got a job back home, never happened.

Will I be denied a UK visa if I did not file my tax in the year before I left? I am quite sure I am owing and I fear that could affect my application for a student visa to the UK.



Have you had any contact with HMRC regarding owing taxes? You may wish to contact them just to confirm the status of your taxes and what is owed, if anything.

Owing taxes is usually not a problem in obtaining a Visa here in the UK, however I state usually.

What type of Visa are you getting? You mention student Visa, to my knowledge owing taxes is not an issue for these. However, immigration and Visa laws and rules are constantly changing.

Some Visa’s have “good character” portions, and owing debts and/or taxes could be viewed as damaging to this character part.

You may want to pose this question to who is aiding you in getting the Visa as well.