Will My UK Debt From 20 Years Ago Stop Me From Reentering the UK?


Hi Jon,

I was a student in the UK for 2 years in 1993 to 1995. During my stay in the UK I have had 2 credit cards. In 1995 I left UK for my home country. while in my home country I was still using both cards until I met some financial difficulties and stopped using it. I have not paying the outstanding amount since then as I have lost the card details while I moving into a new house.

Is it possible the credit card company send a demand notice to my old address without my acknowledgement?It is more than 20 years now, do I have difficulties if I want to enter UK for vacation/visit? If i want to pay the debt, what should i do?

Would appreciate your favourable reply.

Thanks & Rgds




It is possible that the credit card company(s) sent notices to your old address, if that is or was the most current address and details they had for you.

I would venture that after the amount of time that has passed, those accounts have long been written off. Even if you did have contact information for the credit cards, they may not be able to look at or review the account as it has been taken out of their system.

Returning to the UK for owing debts alone is not a problem. So no worries there.

If you have the means to repay the accounts, you can begin by reviewing your UK credit history so see how the accounts may be reported, and if they are even showing.

If you can contact the credit card companies, and if they can locate the accounts, then you could enter into some repayment arrangement. Again if.



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