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I’m Being Chased by Coyle White Devine for International Debt. Can They Do That?

Written by Jon Emge


Dear Jon,

I left the UAE in Jan 2016 with debt now I’m being chased by CWD. I need advice on where to go and what my rights are.




Unfortunately, we are hearing once again about more people returning the UK, or other countries, with debts they left behind in the UAE, and being chased by a local collection agency or solicitor group.

CWD is one such “agent” for banks in the UAE, who collect those accounts originated in the UAE, here in the UK. They have authority to collect the account as the original terms and conditions of those loans had a “non-jurisdictional” clause in them. Meaning they can be assigned to agents to collect outside of the UAE.

If you are residing here in the UK, your rights are the same as anyone else who may be in debt, or struggling to repay an account here in the UK. You can offer a repayment plan on your own, or use a debt management plan or even an IVA or bankruptcy.

The accounts as they are being collected by CWD here in the UK, must be collected in accord with our laws and rules here in the UK. Which affords you the rights we have here in the UK as someone who may be struggling to repay an account. This does not mean CWD cannot take you to court, get a CCJ, make you bankrupt, etc, they can, but you also have rights and options.

A few questions for you. You can post your answers in the comments below.

Is this your only account/debt?

How much do you owe?

What other debts do you have?

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Do you own any assets or property here in the UK?

Can you afford to set-up a repayment plan?

The answers to these questions will aid me in helping advise you better on your options.

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