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KPA Group – Consumer Complaint – October 4, 2017

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Steve Rhode

Consumer Statement:

I was contacted in May by a company called the KPA Group for “loan forgiveness.” I was promised by the representative that I could consolidate my student loans and pay a standard monthly fee that sounded reasonable in order to pay my loans off in 10 years vs. 25.

I was under the impression that after an initial payment that went towards my loan repayment, this company would contact my original lender and proceed with a deferment request and then take over the payment from there. I was under the impression that I would no longer be working with my original lender but rather the KPA group in dealing with all my student loan needs come September.

Well, September came and no payments had been taken out so I contacted the KPA group and the representative beat around the bush so to speak- stating that I need to follow up with more paper work, etc. They in fact had never spoken to my original lender therefore causing me to have a payment due still that I was unaware of. This is when I realized that I had probably been scammed since after I payed my official fee of 550.00 “for their services” I was never contacted again regarding my loan.

Consumer Action Taken:

I contacted the KPA group and spoke with a representative basically requesting a reimbursement of my initial payment. I stated that I was misled as to what the intentions of the company actually were. I stated that I was informed that my new repayment plan would be taken care when in fact I was now being told they were just a company used to help process paperwork. The very paperwork that I could have had done for free with my original lender!

I did not realize that they would actually have nothing to do with my loan itself. The representative never actually reached out to my lender as promised and stated that the reason I had not heard from the KPA Group in Sept. about paying my first payment was because it was not their responsibility anymore and they just assumed I chose to work with someone else. He refused to reimburse my at all and denied any allegations of illegal behavior. This company advertises as a “Student Loan Forgiveness Program” when in fact they are not. I ended the phone call with any unresolved issue and hundreds of dollars down the drain that went to absolutely nothing.

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Date This Problem Happened: May 2, 2017

State You Live in: Georgia

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $540

Company Name:

Company Address:

1660 West Airport Blvd.
Sanford, FL 3277

Company Telephone Number: 443-938-8070

Website of Company:

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