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Why Are Prime Solutions Credit Repair Services So Expensive and Seem So Similar to Many Other Companies?


A kind reader forwarded me a client agreement from a company called Prime Solutions. I thought this was just another client agreement but two things happened. The first was I did some quick math on how much the purported credit repair services were costing. The second was I reached out to Prime Solutions and got stonewalled. That raised some flags.

While I did get a response to my inquiry, it came from a Dana Johnson who is listed as the Chief Networking Officer and there was no further response. Johnson said “Are you a current client of Prime Solutions?” to my request for information regarding their credit repair client agreement.

You see I’m having a difficult time squaring away their claimed role as a document preparation company and their apparent emphasis in eliminating debt.

But where things get really strange is I just answered a reader’s question about a company called Actify Solutions. I didn’t notice until this exact moment but both Actify Solutions and Prime Solutions use the exact same description of their companies.

In fact it appears Prime Solutions, who says is located at 520 Mendocino Ave. Suite 330 Santa Rosa, CA 95401, either stole or was ripped off because there is a lot of duplicate content on both sites.

Additional companies named American Validation, Start Fresh Financial, and First Fidelity all seem to use similar descriptions on their websites. – Source

The companies appear to be located in different places as well.

Anyway, That’s Not the Focus of This Article

If Prime Solutions is just a document preparation company to help consumer fill out forms, they why does their client agreement seem to expand the services they are selling?

The Prime Solutions client agreement says, “CREDIT REPAIR SERVICES The Company will assist you in preparing necessary documents for you to repair your credit. Specifically the company will assist you in removing inaccurate items from your credit report. These Services will be provided in two (2) stages, the Initial Stage Credit Repair Services and the Second Stage Credit Repair Services. Such services may be provided to you sequentially (first then second stage services) or on an as needed basis. As a component of the Second Stage Credit Repair Services provided by the Company, it will assist you in preparing necessary documents which will allow you to validate the unsecured debts third party collectors are attempting to collect from you. You will not be charged any advance fees for any Credit Repair Services.”

So who is directing the completion of documents? Is it the company or the consumer? In fact it appears the company goes on to say they do a lot more than just fill out some forms.

Now that sounds like a lot more intervention and advising than just being a document preparation company.

The company Prime Solutions appears to be charging $13,000 for their “credit repair” services.

The client agreement I have in hand lists debts for Chase, Capital One, American Express, Bank of America, and Navient.

The sale seems to be in conjunction with some agent of the company and includes “ADDITIONAL BENEFIT SERVICES You will have immediate access to Financial Strength Builder (FSB) which will provide you with financial education. Upon the termination of your payment schedule, and solely at your option, you can, if you so choose, to be enrolled into FSB-Plus for a fee at which point you will receive the above listed services in addition to extended benefits. You may cancel your services with FSB-Plus at any time with no further obligation.

If needed, Company will also provide you with the identity of law firms who specialize in defending consumers against unjust collection lawsuits. Company does not receive a referral fee from anyone or any law firm for making any such recommendations and Company does not charge a fee to you for making such a recommendation. Attorneys accept cases on a contingency basis, should they choose to accept you as a client of their respective law firms and they will enter into separate agreement with you.

By entering into this agreement you also will have access to Veritas Legal Plan Inc. (“Veritas”) at a discounted rate. Veritas is a legal expense network provider. Should you choose to utilize this service you will enter into a separate and independent agreement with Veritas.”

Call me crazy but does that sound like “Prime Solutions, a document preparation company” or a debt relief company trying to sell services behind a doc prep front door?

If you have any insight or information to help clear up the mystery, please post it in the comments below or contact me.